Foxworth: How Will the Left Respond?

April 6, 2006


Former Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker is forced out by the Portland Protester Class with the acquiescence of the politically correct in charge because he allowed his cops to stand tough against an out of control protest demonstration, he’s too white, too Christian, and didn’t like black people –even though his Dallas, Oregon based missionary family spent Kroeker’s childhood in Africa where black African children were his mates. He was sooo bad he went back to take over police operations for a portion of the United Nations. Oy.

So how will the imperial left ruling class respond to Foxworth’s alleged sexual impropriety, using his position to gain sexual favor, and alleged threats? Predictions? Anyone?
She’s a little nutty and a little slutty (James Carville about Paula Jones).

Best Email about it EVER:

Your attention please!

Would Mr. Derrick Foxworth please report to the claim desk,

your lost Baggage has mysteriously arrived.

Allen of Salem

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