Fat, Dumb and Happy: Are Americans Becoming Losers?

August 23, 2006


The author of this new American Spectator article is on the show tonight. The Victoria Taft Show 5-8pm, AM 860 KPAM, ‘The Talk Station.’ Stream it here.
His main thesis: Americans aren’t mentally tough enough to stick out anything from sports to wars.

“By almost all available evidence, a vast malaise is infecting this nation’s sports scene. What’s worse is that it seems to mirror our inability to win what should be winnable wars — or, rather, winnable peaces, if peace can be pluralized — in the Middle East.
Is our nation going soft? Is our comparative wealth making us complacent? Do our iPods and video games, our SAT tutorials and our grade inflation, our reliance on sports psychologists for emotional sustenance and on our soccer moms for driving us hither and yon, all combine to make us spoiled rather than self-reliant, and over-programmed instead of creative?
Our self-appointed intelligentsia can’t seem to find the heart to wage a winning war against jihadists. Fewer Americans (every one of them precious, it must be said) die in three-and-a-half year operation in Iraq than in three-and-a-half hours in some U.S. Civil War battles, yet the talk is all of disaster and despair. The Pentagon so much as considers using mild psychological stress to glean information from imprisoned terrorists, and the hand-wringers fulminate about “torture” and run off to the nearest courtroom.”
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