Facebook crash occurs as activists call for “99 Days” without Facebook

August 1, 2014


I’m not suggesting any conspiracy here, just irony. The number 99 might be a tip off to the political bent of organizers.

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As you can see from my post below, people were so upset about today’s Facebook crash they took to Twitter to scoff and laugh. Some actually were so concerned they called the cops. 

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Facebook is not a Law Enforcement issue, please don’t call us about it being down, we don’t know when FB will be back up!

But an alert Facebook friend alerted me to this:

Kinda ironic this happened on the day people were trying to organize “A day without Facebook”

He was almost right. It turns out, there’s an organized effort to cut off Facebook for “99 Days of Freedom” after word caught on that the social media giant was running mood experiments on its users,

The concept was dreamed up by Dutch-based creative agency Just and began as an office joke.

“Like a lot of Facebook users, many of us were bothered by reports of secret mood experiments,” says Just’s Art Director, Merijn Straathof.

“As we discussed it internally, we noted an interesting tendency: To a person, everyone had at least a ‘complicated’ relationship with Facebook.

“Whether it was being tagged in unflattering photos, getting into arguments with other users or simply regretting time lost through excessive use, there was a surprising degree of negative sentiment.

“Then someone joked, ‘I guess that the real question is, ‘How do you feel when you don’t use Facebook?”

You can sign up here for 99 Days of Freedom. Sheesh, they should have just done an event page on Facebook. Word probably would have traveled faster.