Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer and Grover Norquist Agree on Lower Pot Taxes

September 12, 2013


Here are two names I never thought I’d see together in one sentence: Anti tax crusader Grover Norquist and apparent pot lover Earl ‘Bow Tie’ Blumenauer.



Now why do I call Oregon Congressman Blumenauer ‘pot lover?’ Because here’s a man who coos at the sound of ‘revenue enhancers,’ who thinks nothing of heaping on the cost of vanity projects such as light rail spending sprees on a cratered US economy and unemployed Americans. It has to be because he loves pot. He loves over regulation over free market expression, so it must be the pot.

Well they joined together to oppose pot taxes.

From Buzzfeed (here),
“It’s goofy, it’s goofy. And this is perhaps the most insane because it doesn’t allow legal businesses to operate like other businesses,” Blumenauer said. “Grover Norquist and the Americans for Tax Reform, with whom I am not often sharing a stage unless it’s a comedy performance, have done a superb job. Their policy statement has vivid illustrations about the inequity.”
A 1982 piece of the tax code, designed to punish drug traffickers, forces legal marijuana dispensaries in states across the country to pay an effective tax rate of around 87%, whereas most small businesses pay around 35%.