October 15, 2020

Episode 1

John Carughi "Shooter Rughi," the antifa weapons snatcher on The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft
Firearm instructor and Marine Corps veteran John "Shooter 'Rughi" Carughi joins the program to discuss his viral confrontation with ANTIFA, in which he recovered two stolen police rifles from rioters.

Weapon instructor & US Marine veteran John Carughi was working as hired security for a local news station in Seattle in March of 2020 during civil unrest related to Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA protests. Amid the chaos, he spotted two of the black bloc agitators loot rifles from a disabled police vehicle. In an act of heroism that was caught live by TV cameras and went viral, he disarmed the goons and likely saved many people from injury or worse. He joins the program today to talk about the incident, his experiences as part of riot security details, rules of engagement, his thoughts on the Kyle Rittenhouse case and more.

But first, we’ll take a quick look at the big stories of the week, including the death of a Trump supporter at the hands of a different “media security guard,” the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings, Yelp’s new racism ratings and more.

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