Below is the missive I received just now from the moveon.commies blaming the REPUBLICANS for the stall in the health care bill. The Senate has 60 Democrats. That’s a bullet proof majority. However, in their haste to find a villain they trot out the Republicans. I sure hope they are responsible, but, alas, I doubt it. So in the interest with keeping their derangement syndrome fires stoked, why don’t the moveon.commies just pull out their usual villains:
“The Bush Crime Family,” “Scooter Libby,” “Karl (Frog March) Rove,” “Dick (Darth Vader) Cheney,” Sarah Palin’s Child (insert your favorite one here: Trig (birthed by “someone else”) or either of the teenaged daughters (try David Letterman’s favorite, the 14 year old). C’mon, Moveon! You’re losing your grip! Get going! Think of a plan B! The republicans can’t be doing this, so…who? Could the real hold up be the American People?
Dear MoveOn member,

Why are Republicans holding health care hostage?1

More importantly, why are Democratic leaders letting them?

The chair of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, Max Baucus, is refusing to release a bill until he can reach a deal with Republicans2—who are ideologically opposed to a public health insurance option and are stalling as much as they can.

And instead of taking the reins, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “gave his blessing” to Baucus’ latest delay.3

This afternoon, Senate Democrats are gathering for a special meeting to talk health care.4 It’s the perfect time for your senators, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, to speak out and tell Sens. Reid and Baucus that allowing Republican obstruction to stop health care reform is just unacceptable.

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