“Dereliction of Duty” Results in Protester Being Shot in Portland

November 12, 2016

Violence is never an answer --which is why decent law abiding Portlanders are sick of this.

Protester shot and it’s the mayor’s fault.

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Man Injured in Shooting at Protest on the Morrison Bridge – Suspect Fled Area https://t.co/cIPq7vQZBo pic.twitter.com/6fahA1BOjy

I was monitoring two of the live streams last night in Portland riots.

The fauxtest was aimless and the message was the usual pap. The usual hey, hey, ho, ho, “we’re here, we’re queer” etc.. Donald Trump’s election was just the latest excuse to commit acts of chaos by the left.

According to people interviewed, groups of people were trained for the protest/riot.

They were allowed to take over roads, bridges etc.

At times, the police declared the gatherings ‘riot’ which is a declaration that the gathering is illegal. Then they tried to redirect the protesters.

Sometimes protesters/rioters followed directions-such as getting on the sidewalk.

There were people who clearly came downtown to spectate and mock the protesters–which is their right.

See my post about Mayor Charlie Hales being asked to resign by the Oregon GOP here for “dereliction of duty.”

According to GOP spokesman Kevin Hoar the law abiding won’t take this neglect of the rule of law anymore:

“Set down a marker in Blue Oregon that Tuesday’s Election Result showed we’re not going to just sit quietly and take it anymore. We’re going to call out the protesters for their criminal behavior, public officials for abusing their power and the Democrat machine condoning it with their silence if not vocal encouragement – and all of them for their hypocrisy.”

They’ve asked the Oregon Democratic Party to join in calling for the mayor’s resignation.

Now a protester has been shot on another consecutive night of bedlam.

From Oregonlive:

“Police said the protester, who wasn’t publicly identified, suffered injuries that weren’t life threatening. The shooter left the area, likely in a car, Portland police said in a news release.”

Charlie Hales KNEW this likely would get out of control and SHOULD have imposed a curfew.

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Due to extensive criminal and dangerous behavior, protest is now considered a riot. Crowd has been advised.

He should have known this because they ALWAYS get out of control.

It’s time for Portland “leaders” to stop fueling division–

I’m talking to you, Charlie Hales. Here’s a post that Cody McLaughlin found from Hales’s Special Assistant.


As McLaughlin put it:

“A pretty high ranking member of the Charlie Hales administration (current mayor of Portland, kid’s title is Special Assistant to the Mayor and Policy Advisor) is encouraging and vowing to join into the civil unrest over the Trump election, says “he would rather have a constitutional crisis” than Trump as president and all the while the protests he is encouraging have just been upgraded to riots by the police in the city he is supposed to serve.”

And I’m talking to you Amanda Fritz:

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see tweet by @AmandaFritzRN? Blames Brexit/Trump win on racist, sexist & misogynistic voters. pic.twitter.com/CivUz5DSXH

Charlie Hales start protecting ALL citizens.

Now you’ve got a shot protester. Violence is never an answer –which is why decent law abiding Portlanders are sick of these excuses for committing violence through these fauxtests.

This shooting is the result of lack of leadership in Portland.

Law abiding Portlanders await THEIR right to free movement be honored.