Kitzhaber Dodges Daylight Disinfectant Questions on Or-BamaCare Fail

October 30, 2013

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Oregon is “O for October” in Or-BamaCare sign ups.

kitzhaber exit

Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant confronted Governor John Kitzhaber about the abject failure of his signature reform: and his handlers didn’t like it.

Oregon Governor Kitzhaber Denies Responsibility for Failed Obamacare Web Site

Dateline Wednesday October 30, 2013 – Portland Oregon: In the wake of Oregon’s failed Obamacare website called “Cover Oregon,” Governor John Kitzhaber denies…

That failure Or-BamaCare is being highlighted by the national media. The National Review’s Jim Geraghty writes how one party rule removes the ability of the Democrats to somehow blame the Republicans for this debacle.

Oregon is one of those spectacular examples that demonstrate the silliness and falsity of the Democrats’ effort to shift blame to Republican obstructionism. In this state, there was no Republican obstructionism — there wasn’t even that much Republican opposition.

In 2011, all 30 state-house Democrats and 18 state-house Republicans voted to set up the system; 12 state-house Republicans voted “no.” In the state senate, 14 Democrats and 10 Republicans voted to set up the system; two Democrats and three Republicans voted “no.”

Democratic governor John Kitzhaber, a doctor, signed it into law. He appointed the director of CoverOregon, Rocky King.

In Oregon, Democrats got what they wanted, all of the authority they wanted, all of the funding they wanted, everything they said they needed.

And they’re 0 for October.