Dam: 0, Fish: 1

December 5, 2005


The 70 year old Hemlock Dam, northwest of Carson, Washington has been put on the endangered species list…by 2007 it may be gone, according to a the Mt. Adams District Ranger, Nancy Ryke, who signed a Record of Decision today.
Here’s an excerpt from the news release that just came over the transom:

Ryke chose Alternative C of the final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)
for the Hemlock Dam Fish Passage and Aquatic Habitat Restoration Project. *That means she could have kept it open and improved the fish ladder but chose to tear down the dam instead.

“Removing the dam and its sediment is the best way to fulfill our
obligation to enhance fish passage for threatened steelhead,” Ryke said.
“We have put a lot of effort into this study, and I believe it’s the right
course of action to achieve our objectives for steelhead recovery.”

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