August 25, 2023

Crossing the Rubicon: Georgia v. John Eastman with Special Guest Harvey Silverglate

Harvey Silverglate discusses John Eastman's indictment as part of the Georgia election case.

Attorney John Eastman, along with many members of the Trump Administration including the former President, have been indicted for a myriad of charges in the state of Georgia. Together, they are accused of conspiring to hijack the 2020 Presidential election in that state, and violations of racketeering law, charges that could result in some of the defendants spending the rest of their natural lives in prison.

But what was John Eastman’s role? Is he the mastermind behind a plot to deny the will of Georgia voters? Or is he simply an attorney who suggested potential paths to victory, and whose advice was based on prior precedent and fits within a proper interpretation of both state & federal law?

Civil rights & criminal defense attorney Harvey Silverglate, who is part of the team representing Eastman, returns to the program to discuss what he can share about the case, why he believes his client will be exonerated, and what motivations the Fulton County DA might have to announce the defendants’ charges at the time and in the manner that she did so.