Constitution Party to Select Mary Starrett as Guv Candidate?

May 31, 2006


The Oregon state Constitution Party is expected to select the former KATU TV talk host and conservative radio talk show host at its convention this weekend. See O story here.
Starrett’s participation in the guv’s race would certainly siphon votes from the Saxton campaign, but perhaps not as many as one might imagine. Consider that republicans had the opportunity to select two, count ’em two, pro life conservatives this last time around and chose Ron Saxton, a guy who’s more liberal on abortion.

Oregonians are going for pragmatism
and genuine movement on the abortion issue. First, as Jack Roberts pointed out during his campaign for governor last time around, the governor doesn’t perform abortions, and second, Saxton says he will trim the abortion loopholes that exist now. Those are the need for parental notification and a ban on partial birth abortion, both of which Saxton supports.
Isn’t it better to elect someone who will actually do something on abortion and stands a good chance of winning versus returning Kulongoski back to office where he would do NOTHING to reduce the number of abortions or honor a parent’s right to know?
As I’ve said before, you’ve got to have a guy like Saxton to set the table for more conservative candidates in the future.

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