Climatologist Tim Ball: "This Isn’t Just a Bomb Shell; It’s a Nuclear Bomb Shell"

November 20, 2009

“I’ve always said all along that once this comes out I’ll say, “I told you so,” but there is no pleasure in that whatsoever. None whatsoever. This is a tragedy of global proportions because when you think about what these people have done by creating the IPCC by creating the Kyoto and threatening people with carbon footprints and Al Gore calling people like me a flat earther and all the people’s reputations ruined and not to mention the billions of dollars wasted and possibly are still going to be wasted.
I think this is big enough to bring down the Hadley Center Unit, to bring down the IPCC and to stop Kyoto and Copenhagen absolutely in its tracks.”

Dr. Tim Ball, Global Warming “Denier” on the Victoria Taft Show 11-20-09 7:15pm 

 “I feel vindicated.”

George Taylor, FORMER Oregon Climatologist on the Victoria Taft Show 11-20-09 7:40pm

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