City of Portland Asks Help on Budget Committee—Someone Who Can Say "no" Please Apply

You couldn’t do any worse than the folks we have now. Bring your blue pencil, too.
Do you have the time and dedication to directly advise City Council on the budget this spring? City Council has 3 immediate vacancies on their budget advisory board and encourages diverse applicants to apply. Click here to learn more & apply. 

This advisory board participates in City Council budget deliberations, advises Council regarding proposed amendments to the budget, and assists the Council in reviewing budget plans against results to date.  The advisory board consists of five (5) community members with staggered terms who are eligible for reappointment.  Meetings will begin the middle of March.
Ideal applicants will have a working knowledge of budgeting for either public or private institutions; an understanding of performance measures and finding efficiencies, and a basic understanding of the services offered by the City of Portland .
Tyler P. Whitmire, Budget Outreach
City of Portland Office of Management & Finance
Phone: 503-823-7674 Cell: 503-572-8532
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