Christmas Gifts! Anti-Antifa Merch! Mock The Mob! Tick Off the Anti-Capitalists!

December 15, 2020

Get yours now, one of the items has already been canceled by the woke mob!

These original artworks were the result of my collaboration with an incredibly talented artist who shall be anonymous to prevent him from having antifa ruin his livilhood. The fun and whimsical designs have been married with everyday objects to send your message against the violent mob in a subtle way without even having to burn down a church or jack up some dude trying to video a protest. As I say over at Zazzle where you can buy these fantastical items for Christmas or New Years:

Sick and tired of antifa’s violent mobs? The best way to stick it to them is to mock them. Mock the bloc! Do so in a humorous and fun way! Twist the anti-capitalists – buy stuff!

The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft presents our collection of Real Housewives of Antifa, Gaslight Gang, Pantifa Rear Echelon, Antifa Peaceful Rioters,  mugs, aprons and totes. Enjoy. Tell your friends where you got them! Brought to you by The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft

Here’s a photo of one of the collections of characters that are all based on antifa rioters who have been in the news.

It’s brings me no end of delight to make money and support this website and podcast that talks so much about antifa and the protest culture who are anti-capitalist. I have more plans for the future.



Antifa’s “Puff” of the Gas Light Gang Mug! Coffee Mug

by Victoria_Taft

Enjoy a Real Housewives of Antifa mug, shirt or apron!

Real Housewives of Antifa

They’re all available as individual characters on items of your choice. I love this character, whose name is Lavone. She’s based on a real life antifa character.

Recognize the “warlord”? We dolled him up a little and made him a Real Housewife too.

There are many more items, characters and groupings to choose from to put on your favorite shirt, cups, hat and even face masks.

Antifa’s been after me for years. Death threats of all kinds, attempted doxing, and trying to ruin the ratings of The Adult in the Room Podcast are just a few of the things they’ve done so far. Oh, and sitting next to me in the courtroom where Michael Strickland was being sentenced and menacing me as I took notes. Don’t worry, I took down everything this person said.

Despite the animosity, as you can hear in my podcast series about the Mike Strickland case, there are quite a few people involved with the group with whom I got along. I enjoyed interviewing them over these past four years of looking into this case.

As I’ve mentioned many times before in my writing at PJ Media and here at, I’ve been watching the Left especially in Portland since the late 90’s. They’ve gone from peaceful drum circles, to tree screamers,  to the violent antifa members you see today.

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As a radio host on the West Coast for decades, yes, that long, I’ve enjoyed riffing on the latest news, talking to fascinating newsmakers and have enjoyed bringing to life the story of Antifa Versus Mike Strickland.

Here’s a synopsis of his case, though pages and pages have been written by me over the years right here at

On July 7, 2016, freelance reporter Mike Strickland was attending the Don’t Shoot Portland protest event. The filmmaker had gained a reputation for showing the world the worst of radical leftism, including the black bloc protesters and socialist extremists common in the northwest. When he showed up at the protest that day, he had no idea that a conspiracy had been hatched. He was assaulted repeatedly by members of a newly-minted extremist organization…ANTIFA. He drew his legally-carried Glock 26 handgun and leveled it at the attackers, frightening them off without firing a shot.
But while he managed to escape the encounter with a few cuts & bruises, his troubles were just beginning. He was arrested on the scene and charged with nearly two dozen crimes. Here, now, is the start of a multi-part series examining the case, and how the justice system failed a man who insists he was merely trying to protect himself.

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