Smiles all around as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez shakes hands with the one just a couple weeks ago he labled as an “Ignoramus.”

Could it be that both share in their goals for our country?

Dissing our long standing allies and embracing those who have expressed hate for America seems to be the order of the day.

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  1. I know he didn’t!! Wait, yes he did. Obomba is giving this scumbag the “black brother” handshake.

    He is selling us down the river, and he can’t do it fast enough.

  2. Whats more galing is.. ABC and CNN are reporting the start “cordial” relations between these two leaders.

    Venezuela was once a great ally to the US until Chavez took over. When Bush was elected.. Chavez went over the deep end.

    Under Chavez, the country that was receiving econmic and military aid from the United States (a squadron worth of F-16 Block 20 aircraft was given to them for the ammount of shipping)to a country that shuns the US and promotes other countries to shy away from trading to the US. While still shipping oil to us.

    He has openly made deals with Russia for SU-27 Aircraft, MI-24 Helicopoters, and T-90 Tanks. He hosted Russian naval ships recently and has indicated he wishes to purchase new Russian designed naval vessels.

    Before my left leaning opponents on this site tells me that Chevez is a peaceful leader. He attempted to take over the government in 1992 when was a Army Colonel. After he was elected in 1998 he insisted for a constitution that demanded two six year tearms for the president to hold power. Yet in 2007 he wished to remove the term limits so he could remain in power. 51% of the voters rejected his reforms. time will tell if he will abide by that ruling..

  3. What’s goin on with Baracks hand there, is that a secret handshake known only by the initiates in the world order of Ignoramii? I believe it is a very small elite club currently with only a hand full of honorary members (Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro are lifetime members in good standing, no further dues required). The hidden meaning of the hand greeting is interpreted loosely as this:

    Woa, dude!! Cool tie, I see you use Sassoon hair gel too. Remember, no matter what kinda smack down jive rap I dish on you, we are bros, down with the struggle and I’m gonna cover your black a** when the heat comes down on us both for this “Love your emenies” crap. And don’t worry, ’bout Michelle, she’s cool with the bi-sexual thing, bro.

  4. When Nobama is Defeated in 2012 he will think back to this “Picture and handshake” and think why did I shake Hugo’s hand.

  5. Don’t forget Obama leaving Chavez andsaying, “Adios Mi Amigo.”

    Too bad our long standing allies aren’t considered “Mi Amigo” by him.

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