Carousel of Crime: A Smash Hit with Illegal Aliens

January 23, 2006


Here’s Daniel of Daniel is Right Blog whose personal crusade it is to get rid of Oregon spending our hard earned tax dollars on person who are here illegal.
Here’s what Daniel had to say about his new buddy:

The person on the right is me, the person on the left is Benjamin*. That thing in Benjamin’s hand? A Matricula Consular Card, a sham ID that is accepted by the Oregon DMV so that illegal aliens can get drivers licenses.

Why does this matter? Because the drivers license is the number one form of ID we use and we are outsourcing it’s integrity and security to Mexico. We can’t verify the authenticity of the Matricula card, we simply take it at face value regardless how stingent or lax the standard is to get one of these cards.

Now I know what your thinking: Daniel, why are you harrassing those poor undocumented immigrants, they just come here to do jobs that American’s won’t do. I know, it’s with those jobs that they can afford cars like this one above.

Great job, Daniel. Putting the lie to the rip off that is done once a month to sign up illegal aliens for state services. Doesn’t make a heckuva lot of sense, does it.

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