Caption Contest. Kulongoski and the Kicker

June 2, 2006


“I will not seek more taxes from citizens.”
“We must live within our means.”
“Dad, can I have a billion for my date?”

Who said two out of three of those statements? He’s right here.

He’ll need that hat he’s wearing to withstand the flak from Oregonians who think they need their money more than he does.
After a special session was called to bail out the feloniously mismanaged state Department of Human Services and give political cover to the D’s with Jessica’s Law and for R Karen Minnis, he wants to take the kicker. For Six (6) years. He needs that money more than you.
The state economist says we’ll have a billion dollars to return to taxpayers. But virtually seconds after that announcement was made Governor Kulongoski says he wants it to replenish the ‘rainy day fund.’ You know, the same fund they drained in that special session I was just telling you about. Here’s what he wants to do with the money:

Gov. Ted Kulongoski said he will urge the Legislature
to suspend the rebates and instead use the millions in unanticipated tax revenue
to rebuild the state’s education system, beef up health care and invest in
alternative fuels

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