I Call on Portland to Cancel May Day Protests, er, Riots

April 28, 2017

After all, they “can’t guaranty the safety” of all Portlanders, right?

Portland officials had a hand in canceling tomorrow’s 82nd Avenue of the Roses Parade due to threatened violence against Portland, Oregon Republicans by the ironically self titled “anti-fascist” contingent of black bloc protesters.

The Multnomah County GOP planned to participate in the civic affair as it had for the previous three years  until protesters threatened to “drag” and pull out Republicans because the fascist protesters didn’t like them. Planned participants threatened to stab and kill the Republicans, according to Jeff Reynolds of MCRP.

While organizers were blamed for pulling the plug on the entire parade and carnival in East Portland due to the “terroristic threats,” at least one participant was told it had everything to do with Portland Commissioner Nick Fish.

Since  Portland Police cannot assure the safety of participants in the 82nd Avenue of the Roses Parade because of terrorist threats by black bloc “anti-fascists,” then the city should by necessity cancel the annual riot known as May Day.
The annual communist homage to “the workers” always ends in violence and vandalism.

May Day Protesters Hurl Debris & Chairs, Cops Respond With Grenades

Portland, OR May Day 2015.

portland may day riots

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Riot police macing protesters in Portland on May Day [©RTAmerica]

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Well, Portland? Or is viewpoint discrimination  OK only when it’s targeted at Republicans?