Burger flipper confronts president about cut hours, minimum wage. Obama blames business.

February 4, 2014


H/T National ReviewObama min wage guy

In a ‘Google Hangout’ session on Friday, President Obama was confronted by a fry cook who wanted to know what could be done about his low pay and ObamaCare induced cut work hours. The president’s answer is another example of blame shifting and finger pointing at the ‘others’ who get in the way of his ‘hope’ narrative. The president left unanswered ObamaCare’s built-in incentive to reduce hours to avoid penalties from his own government and instead pivoted to ‘jacking more money out of employers through increases in the minimum wage. 

Obama Battles For Minimum Wage Increase

President Obama talks to a fry cook about the battle his administration faces against Congressional Republicans who continue to block raising the minimum wag…

This should not be a surprise. Anyone who has studied this president knows he prefers to blame others for his inevitable failures rather than defending his ideas on principle and programs on results. He’s done this with Wall Street bail outs, stimulus waste, Dodd Frank’s over regulation, cash for clunkers, ObamaCare and etc., etc., etc. Corporate CEO’s, naysayers, and George Bush have been targeted by Obama for their “otherness” due to their failure to pick up the Team Obama pom poms and begin cheering. The only ones who appear not to have been targeted have been government workers themselves. In ObamaWorld, noble people work only in government and everyone else is greedy. Ever notice that?