May 24, 2024

Episode 132

Barbarians at the Gate: Demanding Accountability for the Leftist Fringe with Gregg Schumacher

Gregg Schumacher is turning his own victimization by extremists into motivation for a novel way to fight to restore sanity to our cities

Gregg Schumacher’s family started one of the first and most prestigious furrier companies in the Pacific Northwest, Portland’s Schumacher Furs. Now it no longer exists as a business in the city of its birth, thanks to a targeted harassment campaign from mainstream activists like PeTA and their violently extremist cousins, the Animal Liberation Front. The city government refused to help. The police refused to help. The courts refused to help, and even demanded he and his wife pay tens of thousands of dollars in the activists’ legal fees. Now, Schumacher has launched a new initiative, Restore Law & Order. Its purpose? To use the legal system to force municipal governments who fail to protect their citizens from groups like those common in the PNW who destroy property and threaten lives to send an extremist political message. Gregg Schumacher joins the program to talk about the organization & its strategy, and to discuss his personal experience with the fringe left and how it has caused the city he once called home to rapidly deteriorate.