December 7, 2021

Episode 44

Adam Baldwin joins the program to talk Alec Baldwin's gun tragedy on the set of his low-budget western!

When actor and noted liberal activist Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed the cinematographer and injured the director of a low-budget western he was producing, the questions immediately began: How did an apparent live round get inside the gun? Were safety protocols ignored? How experienced were the gun wranglers? Now, he’s begun speaking out about the incident, and is insisting that the tragedy wasn’t his fault, even though the gun was in his hands, loaded by a crew he hired on a production he was bankrolling.

Actor Adam Baldwin (an extremely distant but negligible relation) has a reputation for playing memorable tough guys in action-oriented roles, including Jayne Cobb in the TV series Firefly & its theatrical sequel Serenity, Animal Mother in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, Casey in the hit action-comedy series Chuck, and other supporting roles in films such as Predator 2, Wyatt Earp, Independence Day and The Patriot. It should come as no surprise that he’s got a lot of experience with using firearms on set, and has worked closely with the armorers and propmasters whose job it is to keep actors and crew safe.

Adam joins the program to talk about his experiences using firearms on film & TV productions, and why he feels Alec Baldwin is so desperate to deflect blame for his own reckless actions.

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