Baghdad Jim Mc Dermott: Teasing a Terrorist About Religion is Torture

Baghdad Jim Mc Dermott of Washington brought the US House of Representatives to a standstill last night when other Congressmen caught wind of language he  inserted into the Intelligence Authorization Act (here).

Cruel, Inhumane, or torture is, in Baghdad Jim McDermott’s world, making fun of the terrorist’s religion:

Page 5 line 13, subsection 2
(ii) Exploiting phobias of the individual.
(iii) Using force or the threat of force to coerce an individual to desecrate the individual’s religious artcles, or to blaspheme his or her religious beliefs, or to otherwise participate in acts intended to violate the individual’s religious beliefs.
(iv) Making threats against any individual that, if carried out, would result in death or serious bodily injury

 Let’s put this in perspective, shall we? The people who for example put explosives in their shoes, underwear, and attempted to fly jumbo jets into buildings can’t be teased about their religion because we’re afraid we’re going to HURT THEIR FEELINGS?
Is this an attempt to bring hate crimes legislation into the milieu of CIA spooks trying to find out where the next Jumbo Jet explosion is going to be?
Of course it is.
Here’s the Congressman who couldn’t bring himself to include the words, “under God,” in the Pledge of Allegiance and he’s worried we’ll offend terrorists’ religion?
The ‘phobia’ portion of his definition of torture or cruel inhumane treatment pertains to an incident in which interrogators considered putting a CATERPILLAR in the room with a terrorist BUT DIDN’T!
Really, Jim? Who’s side are you on, anyway?

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