You might think so after what happened to an Oklahoma City man. Chip Harrison was minding his own business, but displayed a sign on his truck reading, “Abort Obama, Not the Unborn.”

Harrison was pulled over by the OKC Police for displaying that sign, the officer saying he felt it was a “threat” against Obama. Although his supervisors admitted it wasn’t a threat and returned the sign, the Secret Service was contacted, who felt the need for a “walk through” of Harrison’s home to “make sure I wasn’t a part of any hate groups.”


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  1. For ********** crying out Loud. I wonder if Chip Harrison even bothered to find out the Officer’s Political Party. I wouldn’t dought he was a Democrat Socialist COP.
    Find a Lawyer Chip, pro bono. Have this guy Fired. He was trying to make an Example out of you chip. Contact your 2 Republican Senators in Oklahoma. LETS MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF HIM. There’s more of this CRAP coming.

    PS: Sounds like the Democrats have Declared WAR USING THERE DEMOCRAT POLICE. SO BE IT. THE WAR IS ON.


  2. I am all for standing up for rights of freedom of speech..

    But I could see it from the officers perspective also. But he did overstep his bounds and authority. Although I have seen signs degrading former president George Bush when he was in office that coulld be considered a threat more than what Mr. Harrison had on his and was ignored.

    I am with Klatu.. I am hopping Americans wake up in the 2010 and 2012 elections..

  3. As many of us feared, it’s getting worse in defeat. As one has noted, the real trouble with the New York Post cartoon – apart from its lazy, dumb conflation of two completely unrelated stories – is that it presented gun violence as a legitimate response to an economic policy disagreement. Note also Limbaugh’s latest populist excrescence, his description of his opponents as engaging in a kind of coup, or as rapists or murderers and Jihadist beheaders.

    The right is going to become much more extreme as it becomes less relevant. There is a pattern to these things. You saw what was coming at those Palin rallies. As the economy worsens, as resentment against bail-outs for bankers and car-makers and reckless mortgage-owners swells, we are in for a very bumpy ride. I hope the Secret Service is beefing up.

  4. As inappropriate as pulling the guy over and confiscating his sign, the Secret Service showing up at his home to “see if he belongs to a hate group” disturbs me even more.

    Who defines what is and is not a hate group?

    If he had been a member of some such group, what then?

    We openly allow groups such as the American Nazi Party, Ku Klux Klan, American Communist Party, Black Panthers and such to exist and even run candidates in elections.

    Are their homes subject to searches because of their beliefs and expressions?

    Had they seen some guns, would they have confiscated them? And if so, why?

    In hoping this was just a one time single incident, I am reminded of the effigy of B HO where the Secret Service also was involved over a stupid prank.

    Is the Secret Service becoming more like the SS?

  5. If that sign would have said
    the Democrat Obama Loving COP
    wouldn’t have done anything
    and we probably wouldn’t be
    writing “Much” about it either.
    Its definitly Democrat Correctness
    to the worst kind.

    PS: 2010

  6. Looking up the story, it appears the guy with the sign was threatening the life of the President. I think he should have been questioned by Secret Service, at least.

  7. Abel said,

    “…it appears the guy with the sign was threatening the life of the President.”

    An interesting comment from you, Abel, about the “Abort Obama” sign.

    There may be hope for you, after all, with this admission that to “abort” is actually “life” threatening!!

  8. Gee abel,

    A left leaning police state = good and a right leaning police = bad.

    I am not sure I like your math. The operative phrase here is ‘police state’.

    Try left leaning police state = right leaning police state = bad.

    Much better. Hope this helps.

  9. “Looking up the story, it appears the guy with the sign was threatening the life of the President. I think he should have been questioned by Secret Service, at least.”

    Tin foil hat alert!!!! See here is the problem with you libs. You can dish it out, but we are not supposed to do the same. Grow up you cry baby winners. You know if you could possibly stand up for somethinig for once in your lives you wouldn’t be so unhappy with your winnings. You just can’t let anything slide off your back, no, but it was okay for us, right?

    Deal with it it you little whiney democrat boys. This is what happens when you get what you ask for. You wanted this guy, he is yours, so own it.

    Not everyone is slobbering over this Socialist like you two and that McDonalds guy.

    It’s called political satire, period. It has existed from the time the nation was born, it won’t stop now. Neither will the two of you stop it. Why? You stand for nothing.