November 19, 2020

Episode 6

Mike Strickland has been abused by the courts more than once. A year before the incident that landed him in cuffs, he was robbed and assaulted by an Oscar- and Emmy-nominated filmmaker, who was never charged despite overwhelming evidence.

In March of 2015, Mike Strickland and his friend Chris Cochran met with Academy Award- and Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald to discuss concerns over Cochran’s participation in a documentary Fitzgerald was making. It started with civil discussion; it ended with Strickland in the hospital with a severely broken arm and Fitzgerald fleeing the scene with two of Strickland’s cameras that he’d stolen. It was caught on tape, it was witnessed by multiple people…and the Multnomah County DA still refused to file charges. Listen to the story on today’s edition of ANTIFA Versus Mike Strickland.

Plus…time is running out on the Trump campaign’s chances to prove election fraud in several important states. Oregon will jail and/or fine you for having too big a Thanksgiving dinner, but won’t keep ANTIFA rioters behind bars. BLM leadership are starting to regret getting in bed with ANTIFA, and fake hate crimes are on the rise.

Top Stories:
The GOP Claws Back One—and Maybe Two—Key Orange County, CA Congressional Seats Lost in 2018 Rout
Democrat West Coast Governors Impose COVID Travel ‘Advisory’ on Free Americans
Hypocrisy Unmasked: Gov. Gavin Newsom Breaks Own COVID Rules to Party With Lobbyist. And It Gets Worse
Claiming ‘Staggering Evidence of Election Fraud,’ Trump Attorney Sidney Powell Says She’ll Soon ‘Release the Kraken’ On 2020 Election
Photos Emerge of CA Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID Rule-BUSTING Double-Standard Dinner
Oregon Lawmaker Announces She’s Hosting a Big Thanksgiving and It Becomes a Revolutionary Act

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