ANTIFA Versus Mike Strickland, Part 12: The Authority

February 18, 2021

Episode 16

The police take the stand in the Mike Strickland trial. Plus, remembering Rush Limbaugh.
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In the newest installment of ANTIFA Versus Mike Strickland, members of the Portland Police take the stand and make some startling admissions about their role and deployment on the day Strickland pulled his gun.

Plus, Victoria remembers radio legend Rush Limbaugh and how he inspired her journey into the world of broadcasting. Plus, an exclusive interview with KTTH Radio’s Jason Rantz about the bizarre choices Washington officials made when disbursing COVID relief funds.

Rush Limbaugh Was My ‘Radio Dad’
Portland’s So ‘Woke’ That Even the Snow Plows Bow to ‘Equity’
Memo to California COVID Cops: When Crushing the Dreams of a Brewery Owner, Don’t Do a ‘Happy Dance’
‘Unity’ Watch: Here’s the Twitter Guy Who Called on Democrats to ‘Go After’ GOP Senators Who Acquitted Trump
WA State Fed COVID Money Going to Non-White ‘Woke’ Political Groups – Including The Bail Project
‘That’s Not Enough for You?!’ Trump Attorney Goes Apoplectic on ‘Slanted Media’ With Clueless CBS Interviewer
Why Don’t We Know Why Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Died the Day After the Capitol Riot?

Victoria Taft @ PJ Media