Another OrBamaCare security breach sends private info to perfect strangers

November 26, 2013


OrBamaCare, known as Cover Oregon, is in cover mode alright, trying to mitigate latest security breach.ObamaCare security

First it was this lady who received the personal information of a perfect stranger after signing up for Oregon’s “OrBamaCare.” Now KGW and AP report there have been two more breaches of security,

Cover Oregon has had a total of three security breaches in which applicants’ personal information was sent to the wrong people. Now the group is promising swift changes.

People still can’t apply online, so applicants are filling out paper forms.

And those handwritten applications have, in at least three cases, led to a dangerous paper trail of birth dates, social security numbers and income information.

 Apparently Hippa doesn’t apply to government. What a nightmare.