Alan Grayson, D, Crazypants, Fla Fundraises on Burning “Tea Party” Cross

October 22, 2013

This photo illustration was used in an Alan Grayson email fundraising appeal.

Amazing, isn’t it? This photo illustration was included in the email by Democrat Alan Grayson and shows the new and improved civil discourse we can expect to see from him as he gets closer to the 2014 election. See his entire appeal letter below.

I’m not sure what we ever did to the man who puts the ‘duh’ in Florida, but he probably figures he can pile on the Tea Party because everyone else is.

Grayson is so far on the fringe, he could outdo Bob Macke styling a combined Liza Minelli, Lady Gaga and Cher show.

This is nothing less than bile. It certainly objectifies and dehumanizes people–Americans–who identify with the constitutionally based group.

It’s a new low, even for the hyperbolic Grayson. The Weekly Standard points out that Grayson has “called a woman a “K Street Whore,” and said Republicans want Americans to “die quickly.”

This is so bad that the usually unflappable conservative columnist and author Jonah Goldberg commented,


No Title

I honestly didn’t think Alan Grayson could be more of lowlife. I was wrong. I regret the error.


This is the best reason yet to do everything we can to send this guy packing. Again. 

So far there’s no official Democrat repudiation of this hateful flyer. It shouldn’t be hard to ignore considering the head of the Democrats, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, lives in Florida.

From an Alan Grayson fund raising email.
From an Alan Grayson fund raising email.