Al Haramain Worker Claims the Ashland "Charity" Helped Terror Causes

September 26, 2006


From the O today. Here’s the link.

The charity also hosted a stream of visitors, some who stayed days, some for weeks, Gartenstein-Ross said. He said the FBI has told him that several of those visitors had suspected links to terrorism, including one American Muslim who planned a terrorist training camp in Arizona. Gartenstein-Ross said he suspects Seda was unaware of the true background of some of his guests.

In April 1999, Gartenstein-Ross recalled, Seda addressed a prayer session at the Al Haramain headquarters, speaking in support of Islamic fighters in Kosovo. He said Seda told the group he knew of people overseas who were prepared to join the Kosovo mujahedeen, but they needed money for travel.

Gartenstein-Ross left the charity in August 1999 to attend a New York law school, and stayed in touch with Seda. The following year, he left Islam because of a “spiritual crisis” that convinced him that Islam, as he learned it, was too radical. He became a Christian.

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