algoreGlobal warming, smart meter, tobacco and Al GoreZeera mega mogul, Al Gore, has used his invention of the internet* to announce the anniversary of another one of his firsts: The first member of congress to nationally broadcast a speech from the house chamber.

Gore made the announcement via Twitter with a hashtag of #tbt (truth be told) with the odd verbiage, “A bit early for #tbt…” I don’t even know what that means except maybe he’s hedging in case someone discovers his claim is as reliable as his claim to have invented the internet* or that he isn’t milking global warming for a buck, that the oceans will rise by six meters, Hurricane Katrina was man made or than Antarctica is melting. It actually appears that Tip O’Neill spoke before Gore, but what are a few words when we’re talking HISTORY!

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A bit early for #tbt, but 35 years ago I gave the first nationally televised House floor speech!

Gore sent out a link to the speech that harkens back to when he was just a tobacco trust fund baby,


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