September 30, 2023

Episode 113

A Polite Society: Bullets, Ballots & the Necessity of Both feat. J. Christian Adams

J. Christian Adams talks election integrity and Victoria recaps some recent gun control developments on the West Coast Messed Coast™!

The Adult in the Room Podcast returns with a deep dive into recent gun rights developments including the overturning of California’s extended magazine ban, and a critical trial in Oregon over the constitutionality of Ballot Measure 114, an onerous gun control bill passed last year that similarly bands high-capacity magazines and creates additional background check and paperwork requirements for buyers. Is the progressive left using societal violence and chaos as a weapon against the Judicial Branch? Then, we have a brief but fascinating talk with J. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation about the election integrity report cards going into primary season, and where he still has concerns, including a case in Maine involving suppression of speech.