80,000 DRIVER’S LICENSES TO KNOWN ILLEGAL ALIENS Ain’t this a great country?

October 25, 2005


Trial in Hillsboro of the mysterious “Tanya,” Miguel Robleto, daughter Patricia Robleto, Carlos Ayone for racketeering and supplying phony ID (including VOTER ID CARDS) and “driving tests” to 80,000 illegal aliens. Today the prosecutor characterized the business as a “criminal enterprise.”

Here’s a sampling of one of the DME’s “customers”

Male, Hispanic, receives Matricula Consular card May 8, 2003 in California.

*A MIRACLE HAPPENS* and he becomes a resident of Oregon.

May 13, 2003 is in Hillsboro,Oregon having taken his ‘driving instruction’ from a former Oregon DMV worker who now runs a “Driving Test” DME for Oregon and is ready to take his written exam to get his Oregon Driver’s License.

In today’s testimony an agent from the Oregon Department of Justice refuted testimony by Patricia that she didn’t know the mysterious Tanya who is alleged to have phonied up home addresses for illegal alien wanna be ODL recipients. The agent came armed with cell phone records for Patricia’s multiple cell phones (3-5 of them) to show she’d had conversations with some of the nefarious people involved according to the Victoria Taft Show’s courtroom observer.

Also a Department of Homeland Security officer testified that when she first got this case three years ago Miguel Robleto confirmed to her (after receiving his Miranda rights) that he knew his customers were illegal aliens. He also told her that it wasn’t his job to check and that it was his job to teach them how to drive (for $80). Robleto, you’ll recall, is a trained former Oregon DMV worker. Those who follow the Oregon Driver’s License problem know only too well that this is the attitude of our Oregon DMV. When a Linn County DMV worker blew the whistle on an illegal alien using phony ID to get a license, the employee was FIRED.

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