80,000 DRIVER’S LICENSES TO KNOWN ILLEGAL ALIENS Ain’t this a great country? The Trial Continues

October 26, 2005


The prosecution rests and the defense immediately moves for a dismissal in the bizarre case of the DMV worker who strikes out on his own to provide Driving Tests for illegal aliens in his own DMV subsidiary known as a DME.

As previously noted in this blog, isn’t it interesting that after all the calls to privatize the DMV during the past ten years that they choose to do it with an Hispanic former employee whose sole reason for existing is to give Driving Tests to illegal aliens? Political correctness run amok. Malfeasance? Bad management?
Contact Bruce Warner, the former head of ODOT, now with the PDC about that. His lieutenant, Lorna Youngs, who was in charge of the DMV at the time of these allegations in 2003 is now acting director of ODOT. She’s the one who fired the Linn County official I told you about yesterday. Trackback here. Small world, isn’t it?

Anyhoo, The Victoria Taft Show court observer thinks today’s motion for dismissal by the defense particularly disturbing.

Miguel Robleto’s attorney argued that:

The $465,000 found in Robleto’s safe couldn’t have been used in a laundering scheme because it hadn’t been taken to a bank. That leaves $140,000 that in fact was taken to the bank from the proceeds of the rather lucrative business.

Robleto couldn’t be found guilty of forgery because the envelopes used to fulfill Oregon’s laughable ‘residency’ requirements had been, in fact, phonied up by someone else (who’s now, it should be noted, in the slammer).

Robleto did nothing wrong by offering Driving Tests to 80,000 illegal aliens imported from other parts of the country because as he accurately noted, it’s not illegal in the state of Oregon to give a Driver’s License to an illegal alien.

We’ll have our courtroom observer there tomorrow to bring us the 411 on what’s going on in Hillboro.

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