The 5 Ways “Whistle Blower” Edward Snowden Made the World a More Dangerous Place

January 27, 2015

Ed Snowden wasn't a force for good, he's a traitor. Here's why.

Snowden is no ‘Whistle Blower’. He’s a traitor. Here’s why.


As I wrote this piece for Independent Journal Review yesterday about how Edward Snowden won’t use this gadget because the NSA can spy on it at will, I included remarks about what else he’s told us about that you don’t hear about everyday. Those comments were struck from the piece for brevity, but I’ll include them here in quick fashion for you.

Last year, Andy McCarthy and James Woolsey took part in a debate on Ed Snowden for Intelligence Squared. I know Andy, he’s been a frequent guest on my radio show over the years and I read his plentiful pieces in the National Review Online on law and national security among other things. James Woolsey is a former CIA chief and Ambassador. They are my sources for this information.

  • Snowden released 1.7 million documents and had no clue what was in all of them. He released them to the world–including our enemies. To be considered a whistle blower by government standards, you must do your expose for a specific reason, among other things. There sheer volume of Snowden’s document dump clearly demonstrates he did not. 
  • Snowden released information which showed the biggest purveyors of cyber warfare, China, how the U.S. used Beijing’s malware against them. When he did that, we lost that advantage.
  • The man who took an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, released information showing how the U.S. spied on the email and media communications of Al Qaeda in Iraq–later known as ISIS. Those lines of communication were subsequently shut off. Imagine if we’d had that advantage with Al Qaeda before 9/11.
  • As a result of his document dump, Snowden also betrayed to terrorists and other bad actors, the ability we (that’s the U.S. for those of you uncertain of who the good guys are in all of this) had to bug phones and follow the bad guys. 
  • In Latin America, the good guys were getting finally able to spy on the communications and gain knowledge of logistics of human sex traffickers. As a result of his document dump, Snowden gave away the game to the operators of large scale slavery rings–keeping women and children in chains.

The world is a more dangerous place because of Ed Snowden.