150-200 Show up for Rally for the Minute Men

October 16, 2005


What a great turn out to the RALLY TO SUPPORT THE MINUTEMEN at the State Capitol building steps today. What an eye opener for those who have never heard about how much a toll is exacted by people who come to this country illegally. I appeared today and the following is my speech.

Congratulations to Oregonians for Immigration Reform for such a fine event to commemorate the Minute Men and to call attention to the fact that the illegal immigration issues aren’t just issues unique to Washington State…California…and the rest of the northern and southern border states.

In Oregon…we could have as many as 200,000 people who have come here illegally. A disproportionate number of people who came here illegally commit crimes as evidenced by the prison stats which show 6% of the people in prison, there on violent crimes charges—rape, murder, sexual assault—have Immigration and Customs Enforcement holds on them. That means they’ll go back to their home country after they’ve done their time because they’re here ILLEGALLY.

That means they came to this country ILLEGALLY…possibly worked a job– which they got ILLEGALLY…committed a CRIME…and probably more than the ones for which they were caught…and are in a PRISON.

Do I need to say out loud that they shouldn’t have been here in the first place?

After 911 we found out the hijackers had expired Visas—NEVER MIND THEY WERE ACTUALLY GIVEN VISAS–…were ILLEGAL ALIENS…law breakers…and among them had dozens of drivers licenses.

Five of them got Social Security numbers with FAKE ID’s, seven hijackers received Virginia state ID cards, even though they lived in Maryland motels.

And how about this…quoting Michelle Malkin here…
“Illegal aliens participated in the first attack on the World Trade Center, the Los Angeles Millennium bombing plot, and the New York subway bombing plot. Moreover, three of the September 11 hijackers were here illegally at the time of their attacks and several others obtained fraudulent ID cards with the assistance of an illegal alien. Clearly, illegal-friendly policies — not only sanctuary laws, but also driver’s licenses, banking privileges, and college-tuition breaks — make it easier for terrorists to blend in and carry out their nefarious plans.”

Our state was host to one of those home grown terrorist cells you’ll be hearing more about in the months and years to come.

The Portland Seven…another group in New York…Providence…Los Angeles…and Bly, Oregon…which was home to a terrorist training camp…where TERRORISTS spent a weekend trying it out before deciding to move to another spot.

Oregon…home to a TERRORIST CELL and target of a TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP and in a fit of political correctness the Portland mayor pulls OUT of the FBI’S JOINT TERRORISM TASK FORCE.

The Driver and Motor Vehicles department, the DMV, falls all over itself to finally privatize some of its business (that we’ve been asking them to do for years) and what do they do? They hand a sweet part of the business to a hispanic former DMV worker—in an attempt to reach out to Latinos–and he now is alleged to have set up a business to give no FEWER than 80,000 people…the overwhelming number of them ILLEGAL ALIENS…FAKE ID’S to get Oregon Driver’s licenses.

When DMV workers raise an eyebrow…they’re told to keep their heads down and do as they’re told.

When a Linn County DMV worker denied a Driver’s license to a person with FAKE ID…they were fired!

The illegal alien gets the license…the LEGAL AMERICAN worker is fired.

Here in Oregon…the government apparatus LINES UP to give illegal aliens…medical care…paper work…jobs…DRIVER’S LICENSES….BANK ACCOUNTS…MORTGAGES–there was a bill in this last session to give children of illegal aliens in state tuition breaks—IN STATE TUITION? THEY’RE IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY!!! And all of this is necessary to melt into our economy while sending most of their money back home. Even the Oregon Secretary of State’s office is at these events…to do what…sign illegal aliens up to vote?

Every legislative session…every meeting of the city council…Metro…school districts…every one has their hand out. They never have enough of your money.

A Cell phone tax…a tax on the internet…a regional INCOME tax??? State Representative Kelley Wirth even floated the idea of a grocery bag tax in the last session. They think of every way they can get your money.

And yet…that government apparatus falls all over itself to school people who are here illegally…to give benefits to people who are here illegally…to GIVE DRIVER’S LICENSES to people who are here illegally…driver’s licenses that they use to get benefits they shouldn’t be allowed to get because it’s ILLEGAL.

All with our tax dollars.

The undeniable conclusion is if they stopped helping and encouraging and coddling…illegal aliens…we might have a few more dollars to put in the governmental apparatus for helping LEGAL CITIZENS!

We look the other way in the name of tolerance but there’s TOLERANCE…and there’s STUPIDITY.

Unfortunately Oregon errs on the side of stupidity.

How can you tell the good guys from the bad guys…you can’t always…but you can make sure they go through every legal hoop we hold up and every back ground check we can devise to make people who want to come here prove they’re worthy to be here.

We’re here today to thank the Minute Men for doing a great job. Their job is to watch the border patrol do …or not do… their jobs. The Minute Men are the mirror image to the border patrol.

This week Senator Majority leader Bill Frist announced that the republicans were making illegal immigration THEIR issue. He spent some time on the Texas border with politicos who gave him the 411 on what’s going on there.

You and I both know he NEVER would have given that issue the time of day were it not for groups such as OREGONIANS FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM…THE MINUTE MEN…and Talk hosts…such as Michael Savage and Sean Hannity…and bloggers such as Michelle Malkin.

Take that to the bank with your LEGAL ID…it wouldn’t have happened if not for these folks and people like you.

By being here today you have an opportunity to make a change for the better. By being here you may get the people making the decisions to change their attitudes about Oregon being a sanctuary for terrorists and illegal aliens.

Thank you.

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