Commanding General confirms that’s how long it took for Military Police to get to scene of shooting

Another shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. 14 16 people were shot, three innocents killed and the shooter committed suicide. The killer reportedly carried a .45 caliber Smith and Wesson pistol. He was able to carry it on post, but no one else except MP’s had guns to shoot back. Unbelievable. Haven’t we learned anything after this and the Naval Shipyard shooting? 

SW 45 pistol

 Lt. General Mark A. Milley, who answered questions at a news conference tonight, said the MP’s response time was 15 minutes. In any city in an active shooter situation, a 15 minute response time would be considered horrible. Our soldiers deserve better. 

A 15 minute response time meant there was nearly one death for every minute of delay. Would that have changed if soldiers were allowed to carry on post? Yes. 

The general said the gunman began shooting in a building near medical facilities on post, got into a vehicle  and fired his weapon as he tried to get away. According to investigators, he then stopped again, started shooting, and that’s when MP’s engaged him. The gunman shot himself. 

General Milley said the gunman, who was not identified at the news conference, was married with a family but suffered from psychiatric disorders, including depression and anxiety. He was being analyzed for possible Post Traumatic Stress but had not been officially diagnosed with PTS. He was on medication for depression and anxiety. He had been at Fort Hood only since February. He served for four months in Iraq in 2011 and was not wounded in battle but was said to have suffered some sort of head injury at some point in his military career. 

Milley said he didn’t think soldiers should carry loaded weapons on post. I’m sure he believes he’s right, but two shootings on post prove him wrong.