Rees Lloyd: Dear Fellow [Legal] Americans

April 10, 2013

Fellow (Legal) Americans:illegal alien AP drop the I word
Associated Press recently announced it had banned the words “illegal alien” from its reportage because it is offensive to illegal aliens and those who support them.  How wonderful it is in the Age of Obama that Americans can change the fact and reality of illegality and alienage by simply changing the language — a culture transforming miracle brought to you by Obama and Liberal Progressive Elite, right out of Alice In Wonderland: “The words mean exactly what I want them to mean when I use them.” Right. (No, Left).
AP politically pressured into dropping the legal term of art "illegal" alien.
AP politically pressured into dropping the legal term of art “illegal” alien.

Far being it from me to want to hurt the sensitive feelings of the ever so sensitive illegal aliens and their Liberal supporters.

However,  at the risk of political incorrectness, which I regard as a socially transmitted disease of the brain, I am forwarding for your information another heart-warming case of how purported poor, oppressed, family-oriented, religiously-oriented illegal aliens are enriching American lives by coming to America only to find work and better their lives by doing jobs that Americans won’t do–like selling heroin, having anchor babies, all while being on welfare.
A 38-year-old Mexican national was sentenced to 17.5 years in prison Monday in U.S. District Court for heroin trafficking and illegally entering the U.S.
Jose Lizarraras-Chacon, 38, of Nayarit, Mexico was convicted late last year following an investigation by the St. Helens Police Department, the Portland Police Bureau, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of Inspector General.

Barack Hussein Obama, whose own Auntie was an illegal alien living in public housing at taxpayer expense until (surprise! surprise!) she was not deported (having nothing to do with her nephew’s status), should enforce the law rather than “transforming” it  —  and America — with his policies.

Rees Lloyd  (who in thirty years as a civil rights/workers rights attorney in California has probably defended and protected from violations of right or injustice as many or more Americans of Mexican, African, Asian, Filipino, American Indian and India Indian  descent , and “legal” immigrants “of color,” than any other single lawyer in So. Cal.) He’s a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. His opinions are his own.