13 thoughts on “Update on Republican Car Dealership Closures

  1. DealerGate Continues. Its quite obvious its Nobama and Socialists making these decisions on Closing unfriendly Chrysler Dealers. Elections matter folks. “The War on the Car” by the SocialistCrats Continues.

    PS: Here’s a Dealer in my area affected by these closings.

    PPS: When a bike shop opens up in that Former Chrysler dealer building it will be obvious its the Democrats behind these closings. Don’t wait for that to happen. KICK THESE SOCIALIST *********** OUT OF THERE

  2. Isn’t it more about Chrysler just being a bankrupt company with a substandard product that nobody wants? If Americans actually wanted to buy the vehicles that Chrysler produces they wouldn’t need to go bankrupt and the “Republican” auto dealers wouldn’t need to close down, would they?

    What this constant whinning sounds like to me is the sorelosers can’t get real with the fact that their parent companies business model failed.

  3. Chrysler should have to buy back the parts and vehicle inventories, and pay for the terminated franchises. They’re hiding behind bankruptcy laws in order to void franchise contracts. Really, this whole disenfranchisement mess should be stopped immediately. Expect more confiscatory behavior from the Obama administration, as we move closer to a dictatorship.

  4. Tyler is right. Chrysler should have to buy back any and all inventory, vehicles and parts and any other Chrysler-produced items from the disenfranchised dealers. But, even if they were to offer to do that, Komrade Zero would probably put a stop to it by threatening to withhold and monies going to Chrysler.

    And, as much as I hate to admit it, Abe is right when he says that Chrysler has a substandard product, which, at least in part, helped them into the bankruptcy they are in today. I’ve had a few Chrysler in my time and the only really good one was a ’49 Plymouth I had in the mid-50s. All the others were “substandard”, as Able put it. I prefer to refer to them as “junk”.

    BTW: Komrade Zero and his ultra-liberal cronies would do well to heed the words of James Madison: “Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.”

    Also, Aesop wrote, “Any excuse will serve a tyrant.” The Komrade is using all sorts of things as excuses for his not-so-gradual socialistic take-over of the country.

  5. The worst thing to happen to Chrysler was when Daimler Benz bought it.

    One thing i cannot explain, even after all my years in the trade, is why some have such good luck with a specific brand and others don’t.

    I probably see the worst of what is out there and still think we had a good product, before Daimler bought it.

    I’ve had the worst luck with GM cars and cannot explain why every one I had was junk. Others have had nothing but good service from GM cars.

    I can’t explain it and just accept it. But, no matter the brand, even imports, all employ mechanics for a reason.

    Even with the good service I have personally received from Chrysler products, I doubt I will ever buy another, at least a long as Herr Obama and the UAW is running the company.

    Of course, if they have their way, we will either be walking or riding bikes.

  6. We can relive the Daimler-Benz buy up or we can just get real. As the Scottiebill agrees, for once, Chrysler is junk. As a company and its products aren’t what Americans want, or they wouldn’t need to file for bankruptsy. The blame heaped on President Obama is complete garbage. Chrysler is a failed company and those dealerships chosen to be shut down may or may not be fair. BUT, if the company had a good product, those dealerships wouldn’t have to shut down.

  7. mini-abel, just because you don’t like Chrysler and Scottie had bad luck with them, doesn’t make them a “failed company” in the sense of an inferior product.

    I acknowledge that some people have had bad luck with them, as I said above. On the other hand, many of us have different experiences.

    What you ignore in my reference to Daimler is that Chrysler had over $25 Billion in cash reserves when bought out by Daimler, who also owned a poorly performing Mercedes at the time.

    Much of what you classify as “junk” was pushed off on us by Daimler, like it or not.

    When Daimler bought the company, we couldn’t keep a Dodge Diesel Truck on the lot and still sell many with the Cummins Diesel.

    The 4.7L gas, dumped on us by Daimler, isn’t nearly as good an engine as the old 5.2L and 5.9L Magnums.

    I always recommend people buy what gives them the best service and that means I stay away from GM because I haven’t gotten the service I have out of Chrysler, but I don’t classify them as “junk.”

    Funny how Toyota isn’t also “junk” as they too face financial problems.

  8. “Funny how Toyota isn’t ‘junk’ as they too face financial problems.”

    Abel is only interested in taking an American company and bashing America over the head with it. Chrysler’s misfortune has given Abel the opportunity to use words like fail and junk in the same sentence as America.

    Abel loves every second of it. Abel gets off on it. I could get really crude right now about what Abel is doing while he/she is talking about failed American company junk.

  9. “some people” Lew? Many, many people. There appears to be a lack of realism on this. The fact that most people use Chrysler-Dodge as a punchline isn’t something to be taken lightly. Besides, having a favored opinion on a product and it being a good solid product are two very different things.

    Awe, Tyler, do you have hurt feelings. Jeez, talk about sensitivity. There are many companies that have bad products, some American, some from other countries. America doesn’t have a corner market on junk if that is what you are saying.

    Maybe the U.S. just hasn’t found its forte yet in automaking. There are plenty of American made products that are good. Gerber, Columbia Sportsware, etc. Don’t be so down on American products.

    As for “Chrysler’s Misfortune”, if that is what you want to call it. Why are they “misfortunate”?

  10. “America doesn’t have a corner market on junk…”

    The correct term is “corner on the market”. Like when you substituted “change up” for “shake up”… Your language gives you away.

    “Don’t be so down on American products.”

    You are the America hater who is trashing American made products. Nice try, though.

    “As for ‘Chrysler’s Misfortune’, if that’s what you want to call it. Why are they ‘misfortunate’?”

    I think you know the meaning of the word. Then again, for someone who uses terms like “quite whinning”… Maybe not.

  11. mini-abel, you don’t like Chrysler, even though I wonder at times if you are even old enough to drive yet, so be it.

    No skin of my teeth.

    Your anecdotal “evidence” isn’t exactly proof of anything.

    Chrysler has always been one of the first to try new products on the market, revolutionary products. Many succeeded, many failed and Chrysler paid for it, as do other companies that try new approaches.

    Minivans have been a huge success story and who built the first one? Chrysler.

    COmputerized transmissions too, in spite of early troubles (one of the bigger complaints and one the few realize were handled well beyond warranty periods). Yet today, nearly all have learned from Chrysler and now have the same type of product on the market.

    Along about 1996 or so, we were hit with OBDII and it was government mandated to be along the lines of GM’s systems, even though we had a very good system that was much easier to work with.

    People love to cry about Chrysler’s problems in 1979 and the loans then. Very few know that Chrysler was continuing research into the Turbine Car up until the Carter Administration mandated that part of the deamnds for the government loans was to totally scrap all research into the Turbine.

    Let real Automotive Engineers get back in control of these companies without technology being legislated and you will see all of them prosper again.

    Just remember, the airbags that were killing shorter people in low speed impacts were government mandated, even though GM’s research warned the government they were deploying too rapidly with too much force.

    Get the government out of private business and we may all be profitable again. Or, we will end with government mandated tin boxes that are rolling toxic death traps.

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