Tom Joscelyn on Hillary’s Claim that Bill Would Have Done Something If He’d Had a Warning!


“I’m certain that if my husband and his national security team had been shown a classified report entitled ‘Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside the United States’ he would have taken it more seriously than history suggests it was taken by our current president and his national security team.”

She might be right. Maybe if he’d gotten ONE warning he WOULD have done something. But as Tom Joscelyn points out Bill Clinton had MORE THAN SIX warnings. See Joscelyn’s piece here.

On page 124, for example, the Joint Inquiry lists six instances–all prior to 2001–in which the intelligence indicated al Qaeda was planning attacks on U.S. soil:

In June 1998, the Intelligence Community obtained information from several sources that Osama Bin Laden was considering attacks in the United States, including against Washington, D. C. and New York;

In August 1998, the Intelligence Community obtained information that a group of unidentified Arabs planned to crash an explosive-laden plane from a foreign country into the World Trade Center;

In September 1998, the Intelligence Community obtained information that Osama Bin Laden’s next operation could possibly involve flying an aircraft loaded with explosives into a U.S. airport;

In October 1998, the Intelligence Community obtained information that al-Qaeda was trying to establish an operative cell within the United States, and that there might be an effort underway to recruit U.S. citizen- Islamists and U.S.-based expatriates from the Middle East and North Africa;

In September 1999, the Intelligence Community obtained information that Osama Bin Laden and others were planning a terrorist act in the United States, possibly against specific landmarks in California and New York City; and

In late 1999, the Intelligence Community obtained information regarding the Bin Laden network’s possible plans to attack targets in Washington, D. C. and New York City during the New Year’s Millennium celebrations.

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8 thoughts on “Tom Joscelyn on Hillary’s Claim that Bill Would Have Done Something If He’d Had a Warning!

  1. Personally, I’d like to see al the finger-pointing come to a halt. We need to join forces and fight this enemy that has breeched our shores and wishes to either enslave us under radical Islamofascism, or kill us.

    However, since the left can only finger-point and blame others, while giving themselves a pass, I have to respond.

    Hillary is doing as I expected her to, run damage control after her husband, B.J. Clinton had his temper tantrum Sunday in public. She can say anything she wishes, records were kept and documents saved. People no longer simply rely on the alphabet, lamestream media for information.

    Compare B.J.s reponse to press questions lobbed towards Bush. Where B.J. went ballistic, Bush replied, “”We’ll let history judge all the different finger-pointing and all that business. I don’t have enough time to finger-point.” “I’ve got to do my job,” he added, “and that is to protect the American people from further attacks.”

    Condoleeza Rice replied, I’ve watched all the finger-pointing and namings of names and all that stuff. Our objective is to secure the country. We’ve had investigations. We had the 9/11 commission, we’ve had the look-back this, we had the look-back that.”

    Neither lost their cool and tempers.

    Had Clinton simply stated he did what he thought best based on available intelligence and it wasn’t good enough, I doubt there would be half the circus today.

  2. Fizzi, the blame belongs on the Islamofascists. None of the adminstrations did enough, obviously. From Carter to Bush 2.

    However, to say Bush did notihng is just more lefty finger-pointing. Sly, but not accurate, either.

    Condoleeza Rice: “On an operational level, we decided immediately to continue pursuing the Clinton administration’s covert action authorities and other efforts to fight the network. President Bush retained George Tenet as director of central intelligence, and Louis Freeh remained the director of the FBI. I took the unusual step of retaining Dick Clarke and the entire Clinton administration’s counterterrorism team on the NSC staff.”

    Bore out by none other than Richard Clarke himself, in a 2002 interview. “What is your response to the suggestion in the Time article that the Bush administration was unwilling to take on board the suggestions made in the Clinton administration because of animus against the — general animus against the foreign policy?”

    Richard Clarke replied, “I think if there was a general animus that clouded their vision, they might not have kept the same guy dealing with terrorism issue. This is the one issue where the National Security Council leadership decided continuity was important and kept the same guy around, the same team in place. That doesn’t sound like animus against uh the previous team to me.”

    Rice: “While we were developing this new strategy to deal with al Qaeda, we also made decisions on a number of specific anti-al Qaeda initiatives that had been proposed by Dick Clarke. Many of these ideas had been deferred by the last administration, and some had been on the table since 1998.”

    “We increased counterterror assistance to Uzbekistan; we bolstered the Treasury Department’s activities to track and seize terrorist assets; we increased funding for counterterrorism activities across several agencies; and we moved quickly to arm Predator unmanned surveillance vehicles for action against al Qaeda.”

    “The State Department issued at least four urgent security advisories and public worldwide cautions on terrorist threats, enhanced security measures at certain embassies, and warned the Taliban that they would be held responsible for any al Qaeda attack on U.S. interests.”

    I don’t know if you recall radio broadcasts in the weeks running up to 9/11, but I do. I heard the statements of an impending terrorist attack as a strong possibility, for overseas. No one from any administration could have anticipated that many aircraft being highjacked to be used as missles. The intelligence had always said they could be highjacked to be used to free “martyrs” by hostages.

    Was this enough? Absolutely not. The attacks still happened.

    We were not on war footing from back in 1979 when Islamofascism first attacked American interests.

    Nobody did “enough.” To say Bush did “nothing” is just not true.

  3. It’s a very good bet that Bill Clinton had internal polling showing that more Americans blame Bush than Clinton for 9/11 BEFORE he went on FoxNews Sunday.

    The man is a political genius, and he’s orchestrated a HUGE win for the Democrats on this issue.

    Independents blame Bush over Clinton by better than a 4 to 1 margin; also, Republicans are less likely to blame Clinton than Democrats are to blame Bush.

    Bottom line: this may be the final nail in DUUUUUHbya’s coffin, especially if Democrats take back the Senate as well as the House.

    Thanks, Bill!

  4. Bill Clinton a genius? That seems highly unlikely given his lack of accomplishments in office.

    The idea that there is some sort of polling consensus among the American people shouldering Bush with more blame than Clinton is pure folly. The bottom line is that everyone knows Clinton was offered bin Ladin repeatedly and did nothing. Clinton came off looking not like a reasonable man, but like someone out of control on the Fox interview.

    One thing is for sure, there is no consensus whatsoever that the Democrats would be better on terrorism. Only the far left believe that hatred of Bush and a desire to surrender in Iraq are popular American themes. Don’t believe me? Lieberman is currently ahead, as an independent, in Connecticut. That pretty much tells it all.

  5. Have all of you missed the obvious? If there were all these warnings issued in 1998 and 1999, then why did the Bush Administration and the rightwing propaganda machine, in the post 9/11 timeframe, come out with ‘there was no way we could have anticipated this happening’ – which, even at the time, I found completely disingenuous considering that SOMEONE in the national security arm of the Bush Administration had to have read Tom Clancy’s ‘Debt of Honor’ and the internal Pentagon newspaper had run drills on a plane running into the building LESS THAN A YEAR BEFORE THE ATTACK.

    The other obvious thing missed, here, was the fact that the attack didn’t come while Clinton was in office, which is a pretty good indication that it might have been thwarted through anti-terrorism efforts of which the general populace would be oblivious. After all, didn’t the Clinton Administration take the terrorism threat seriously enough to prevent any millennium attacks?

    What this sounds like to me is more shrill whining from the lying right after being caught trying to pass the buck to a former President who had been out of office for over eight months when Bush failed to protect the United States.

  6. Look, there is simply no getting around two simple facts:

    1) Woopiee, someone thought about planes running into the WTC before it happened. Great, now what do you do, shoot down every suspicious plane over NY? How about just get some real big hand trucks and move the buildings? Bottom line – thinking of the scenario before hand does nothing, the WTC architects thought of it when they built it and they built it to withstand a direct hit from the largest plane at the time. You have to go after and catch those who would do it, plain and simple. This brings us to fact two:

    2) Clinton did nothing. How do we know this? He turned down bin Ladin several times. When asked why during a QA period after he was out of office he replied that they didn’t think they had enough to charge him with anything. One more time – DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH TO CHARGE HIM. The American people know that is laughable. The man had openly declared war on the US prior to that and had claimed responsibility for several attacks already. Virtually every news organization seemed to have footage of him training terrorists etc. So, one more time “we didn’t think we had enough to charge him”. I mean that says it all.

    Sure Bush didn’t go after bin Ladin for 8 months. That’s a hell of a lot different than 8 years. No matter how you slice it that’s one thing the American people know.

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