This generation’s Nazis

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In Paris a 23 year old Jewish man was laid to rest after being kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a gang of Islamofacists. Last night on the Victoria Taft Show, John Loftus spoke of the shared background of the new wave of Islamofacists and Nazis. Sadly, he appears to be right.

Halimi’s family and others in the Jewish community said that had the authorities admitted earlier that the young man had been attacked for being a Jew, he could possibly have been saved.Halimi was found dying, covered with burns and cuts, on Monday February 13. He had been kidnapped three weeks earlier, after a Muslim gang sent a blonde to seduce him. Halimi had agreed to meet with her after meeting in a chat room. Immediately after his abduction his mother went to the police, saying he was kidnapped by anti-Semites. Sources in the community said three Jewish youngsters had managed to escape similar abdications in recent months.
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12 thoughts on “This generation’s Nazis

  1. Still waiting for the flood of “moderate muslims” and imams willing to stand up and condemn these acts of barbarism. (“moderate muslims” is now to join our lexicon as an oxymoron)…..I’m still waiting for those condemnations (insert sound of lone cricket here.)

  2. Hey, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, where are all the oxymorons…I mean, “moderate muslims” condemning the torture-murder of those they hate? It’s been some time, now, and ALL I hear is the same cricket…..the silence is still deafening, and condemns you AND them.

  3. Bear, you seem to feel these murders deserve more condemantion than others. Does the fact that it was Muslims instead of another people make it worse or something?

    Murder is murder and truthfully, it needs no public condemnation, the act condemns itself.

    However, I posted a couple links mentioning 2 Muslims that have died in Iraq fighting terrorists while members of the US Armed Services. You seemed awfully mum on that.

    Does knowing that some are willing to sacrifice their life to protect your freedom somehow interfere with your bigotry?

    There is an estimated 5.2 million Muslims in America with a world population of approximately one billion. Do you equate all of them with this heinous act?

    Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by another Jew. Does that make his death any less heinous?

  4. The apologists for the left, and terrorist-friendly, ALWAYS whine “bigot” when they are called to come out of hiding, just as it happened when the “Portland Seven” were busted. Many Iraqis have continued to die at the hands of their own fellow “religion of violence” terrorists. ANYONE who is officially silent, dodges the question, or tries to change the subject (I.E.: Imams and other “Religion of violence” leaders, heads of state, and most glaringly, the cowards and anti-americans on the left who claim compassion, but refuse to condemn barbarity.) has declared in favor of the terrorists with whom we are at war. For all your verbiage, you guys can’t quite bring yourselves to support the country which succors you. Every subject, and every post you enter equivocates, and at the end sounds like the usual….blah, blah, blah. The question remains; WHERE ARE ALL THE “MODERATE MUSLIMS” AND IMAMS WILLING TO STAND UP AND CONDEMN THESE ACTS OF BARBARISM? The truth is that they and you, their apologists, have chosen to invest yourselves in the defeat and death of America.

  5. LOL, Bear. You hve obviously mistaken me for a Liberal.

    I’ll ask you again. Are these murders any more heinous that others? Do these murderous Muslims deserve to each receive two death penalties for their murder whereas another murderer only merits one death penalty?

    The silence you think you preceive is due to your own black hearted ignoring of where condemnation is coming from. You don’t want to hear of others condemning so you block it out.

    For all your verbiage, you guys can’t quite bring yourselves to support the country which succors you.

    Do you wish to compare DD214s?

  6. Ha ha, bear calling lew a liberal is the funniest thing I’ve read in days!

    bear, lew is by far not a liberal. He is a conservative and what I would consider a real Republican.

    Your type of conservitism is only big entertainment, effective for talk radio and political blogs. The louder and longer you yell doesn’t hide your ignorance. Do you expect anyone to take you seriously with all your name calling? You were the bully on the playground, weren’t you?…

    I’m glad that most everyone would understand that you do not represent the whole of those that would call themselves Republican, although I’m sure you’ll argue that they do.

    By the way, I think lew already answered your question at least once. Ignoring him doesn’t mean he hasn’t given you an answer..

  7. Bear, by your incessant demands for public condemnation of this heinous criminal act in Paris, France and your claim that not hearing or seeing it equates to acceptance of the crime, I am left to believe you approve of the heinous murders that have been going on in Houston, Texas ever since the Hurricane Katrina evacuees arrived there, as I have not seen you condemn them.

    This is the exact same line of reasoning you are using to condemn one fifth of the world’s population for not speaking out about each individual crime committed by a small number of individuals claiming to belong to their religion.

    I can think of several things to show your faulty line of reasoning in claiming their silence is tantamount to approval equates to your own approval of heinous acts committed by people claiming to be Christian.

    Several Muslims have spoken against terror and several are currently serving in the US Armed Forces engaged in fighting terror, with some sacrificing their lives. But, that isn’t good enough. They must publicly condemn each individual crime, to fit into your mold.

    That, my friend, is the classic definition of a bigot!

    big·ot (big“et) n. One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

    I call them as I see them!

    I’m still waiting to see if you desire a comparison of DD-214s.

  8. Last chance, guys. Where are all the “moderate muslims” and imams willing to stand up and condemn these acts of barbarism? Oh, that’s right, they’re the ones dancing in the streets, celebrating them. I guess you forgot. That’s a leftie trait, too. Bye bye for now, boys!

  9. LOL, Bear. That is the most classic far left tactic of discussing. When you don’t get the answer you wish, pretend you didn’t. Really pitiful, my friend.

    For all your verbiage, you guys can’t quite bring yourselves to support the country which succors you.

    Since you have twice ignored my answer to your attempt at slamming me, you know, the DD-214s? I am left to assume you are either an arm-chair general or were a draft dodger yourself.

    I am prepared to post my DD-214s showing how I have supported my country as well as my membership card as a Lifetime Member of the Disabled American Veterans (though not severely disabled).

    Your game does nothing more than continue to show your own bigotry. Very unbecoming of an alleged fellow Conservative.

  10. bear =
    “Guilty until proven innocent”

    the rest of us =
    “Innocent until proven guilty”

    Save your fingers for other battles lew, he’s said all you need to know already.

  11. Lew,

    Last time I looked this was still America and what does a member of our armed services religion has to do with anything. To me it does not matter what the religeous beliefs of a service member is their service and sacrafice is what is important.

    There are some muslims who does speak out against the violence. Their voices are being drowned out by the deafing silence of the majority of muslims who for what ever reason do not speak out.

    Those who incite violence or perform violence are a minority that actions and words that also drowns out those who speak against violence.

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