The Trouble With Trams

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The Trouble With Trams is that you NEVER have enough money to fund them. See previous post here.

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4 thoughts on “The Trouble With Trams

  1. They will never be honest or open about the total expenditures or future operating or maintenance costs. I’m already gone, flee while you can.

  2. Approval to cross state highways and the interstate are small details compared to all the other problems. I am sure that they will get the approval at some point after the process in getting it delays the overall project and increases the cost once again.

    Say the project is stopped do you really think the money hemorage will stop. The cost of stopping the project can be just as costly since construction has started and there are contracts that would have to be terminated.

    To terminate a construction contract the Contractor would generally be paid to demobilize. Then there are costs to remove the parts of the project aready started.

    Nice however, I would have used a runaway train since the costs are going up.

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