The Tram Scam: Scrap it

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Oh for heaven’s sake. $15m, $28m, $35m, $45m, now $55m, later $???????
But private auditors say we’re past the point of no return? Howzat again?

I was just up at OHSU and down at south waterfront this morning and while there may be some preliminary footings– maybe– no part of the tram has been built. Yes, fabricating contracts have been signed, but you can get out of them although it won’t be pretty. Plus, the city has an cancellation/out clause it can invoke. Yes, engineering money has been spent. Let me ask you, if engineering and preliminary clearing of the site had started on the baseball stadium for instance, and the city was on the hook for an unknown amount of money in future construction costs, with what we know of Tom Potter’s love of the game– “I’d love to throw out the first ball!” Uh…that’s first pitch, Tom– do you think he would hesitate to pull the plug?
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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

4 thoughts on “The Tram Scam: Scrap it

  1. Now Now bear calm down or randy will get upset. Remember their money is their money and our money is their money. And they know best on how and what to spend it on.

  2. The time to have scrapped the tram was well before construction was contracted for and started.

    Now that the tram has been let out of the bottle it has a cost to it whether it is completed or not. If it is stopped we may end up paying the contractor and his subs a sizable sum to demobilize. Then what would you do with the parts that has been started. Pay to remove them.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if we stop the tram and end up paying out almost as much money that would be required to construct it.

    Mavbe we should not remove what has already been installed, just turn it into a monument to waste.

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