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IJR: One T Shirt at Coachella Confirms Unfair Stereotypes of ‘Rape Culture’ of Men

Honestly, how do look yourself in the mirror with that shirt on and then go out in public –even at Coachella? coachella-621x330

From my piece at IJReview:

Coachella is a yearly desert music spectacular in California. People — including Hollywood glitterati –come in droves to hear top names in music for two weekends of wall-to-wall sound.

This year’s spectacles included Madonna giving Drake a big long wet kiss, apparently against his will, so you know the crowd can’t be easily offended.

That is, until this guy came along.


Read the rest here: http://www.ijreview.com/2015/04/295821-coachella-goer-wears-t-shirt-sums-worst-stereotypes-dumb-millennials/