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The Tea Party is Crazy and Racist. Read This and Find Out Why.


Founder of the Oregon Tea Party, Geoff Ludt, pouring TEA into Portland's Willamette River.
The founder of the Oregon Tea Party, Geoff Ludt, pours Tea into Portland’s Willamette River.

It’s fashionable now to simply dismiss as nutty the people who ally with back to basics views: Fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. It’s only been recently that those solid American values have been labeled as crazy and racist by Democrats. 

Do I believe all Democrats believe those values are nutty? Naw. Just the ones engaged with the political process and influential in the Obama Administration. See, the idea is that if you besmirch and label your detractors, ala Saul Alinsky, pretty soon the labels will permeate the political water table.

It’s working. 

I’ve had discussions with intelligent, but uninformed people who believe this stuff. I’ve been told to distance myself from these values because aligning with “Tea Party” values is impacting my ability to get a job.

So, knowing that these otherwise intelligent people don’t have any significant  time to do any research on their own, here, in short bites, is a the brief and rocky overview of the Tea Party and why they’re racist and crazy.


Tea Party Feb 27, 2009 Stimulus PackageObama Admin: On top of Bush’s bail outs and passing over billions more to us for TARP, we’ll spend $800 billion plus to ‘stimulate’ the economy by funding “shovel ready” jobs.

Tea Party: No! Stop the spending! Our grand kids will have to pay for all the spending. We’re Taxed Enough Already! Let’s have a Tea Party!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: I’ve never heard of the Tea Party>>Who’s the Tea Party>>They helped conservatives win in 2010! >>Kill the Tea Party.

Tea Party: Whoopee! We won! Let’s do it again!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: You’ve got to argue with them and get in their face [sic]. Fox News isn’t a real news agency. The Tea Party are racists. Go get Rush Limbaugh. Koch brothers! FreedomWorks!

Tea Party: Picking targets for your union and community organizers to go after is wrong and unbefitting a President of the United States. Who are the Koch brothers?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Let’s have socialized health care. We’ll start with this bill nobody’s read that will create a

Democrat Congressman, Alan Grayson, uses KKK burning cross to malign the Tea Party
Democrat Congressman, Alan Grayson, uses KKK burning cross to malign the Tea Party

hybrid program called the Affordable Care Act.

Tea Party: Kill the bill! No more entitlement spending! Kill the bill! No government-run health insurance! Kill the bill! Have you read the bill? Kill the bill!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Uses IRS to target Tea Party, Patriot and other similarly named groups to target for years’ long scrutiny.

Tea Party: You did this to keep our money out of 2012 election cycle! We’re born free American people and we’ve come to tell our government that it has forgotten its place.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: #NSA culls through calls and emails of Americans.

Tea Party: More control over lives, privacy and property!NSA SCANDAL GRUMPY CAT

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Spies on Associated Press reporters, going through hundreds of reporters’ phone calls, to find source of Administration leak.

Tea Party: This is a scandal and is wrong.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We don’t know who hacked into CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computers at home and the office.

Tea Party: Attkisson reported on two of your Administration’s biggest scandals, we think you’re likely to have done it.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Considers filing charges against Fox News reporter James Rosen for reporting on classified documents and then culls through his electronic records. Eric Holder lies to Congress about signing affidavit targeting Rosen as a potential criminal.

Tea Party: George Orwell, pick up the white courtesy phone. Oh, he’s not there? Well then, is Richard Nixon there?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Adds $6 tril to debt.

Tea Party: You’re spending too much & borrowing too much! Stop it.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist. And greedy. Really greedy.


Obama Admin: “Walks” sniper rifles, AK 47’s, and FN semi automatic pistols across US border to give to narco terrorists in Mexico to trace them back to US. Loses track of most of them. At the same time Napolitano, Obama and Clinton give speeches about curbing gun use and blaming US for sending guns to Mexico. Hundreds of Mexicans are killed with Operation Fast and Furious guns. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata are killed with those guns. AG Eric Holder lies to Congress about his knowledge of the operation.

Tea Party: Operation Fast and Furious is a scandal and needs to be investigated.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: No electronic record keeping will be done for first year to qualify people for ObamaCare subsidies. If they ask for money, we’ll give it to them without question.

Tea Party: The federal government health care computers aren’t ready. Stop this now.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Businesses will get a one year reprieve on ObamaCare mandates.

Tea Party: If you’re going to give companies a break, why not individuals? Hey Ted Cruz, tell them!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We refuse to negotiate on giving individuals one year reprieve on ObamaCare fines.

Tea Party: We’ll start our negotiation with defunding or delaying ObamaCare. 

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Religious institutions must comply with ObamaCare insurance which funds abortions.

Catholic priests arrested for protesting ObamaCare's infringement on Freedom of religion and worship.
Catholic priests arrested for protesting ObamaCare’s infringement on Freedom of religion and worship.

Tea Party: The first amendment. Try reading it sometime.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson attempts to elude Freedom of Information Act scrutiny by sending emails using a phony name.

Tea Party: The “most transparent administration” ever, ever, is not. When does the investigation start?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Does end run of Congress and changes immigration laws by declaring the Dream Act in full effect.

Tea Party: There’s this thing called the Separation of Powers in that thing you lectured about at the University of Chicago called the Constitution…?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We’ve created millions of new jobs!

Tea Party: Most of those jobs are part time and millions more have been so dispirited they’ve dropped out of the employment pool at record rates! We must do something to free the private sector and create jobs!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Does not secure American Mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Tea Party: How dare you not secure American Mission to protect our Ambassador!benghazi bloody hands2

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Does not send help when American Mission and then CIA outpost come under sustained, hours-long attack, leaving four dead and seven injured.

Tea Party: How dare you not do your duty and protect our people!

Democrats: A video did it! There wasn’t enough time! The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: A video is responsible for the Benghazi attack.

Tea Party: On September 11th? You expect us to believe that? Really? How dare you not do your duty and protect our people! Where’s the investigation?

Democrats: This is a non story. The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin. Jails the film maker.

Tea Party: This is outrageous. This man is a political prisoner.Benghazi film maker arrest 2 good

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We’ll make government shutdown, “as difficult as possible.” We’ll close parks we’ve never closed before and shut the military memorials—even to those old coots in wheelchairs coming to the open air WWII Memorial.

Tea Party: Hey, the House sent you a bill to keep that stuff open, why won’t you pass it?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Why would we want to help that kid with cancer?

Tea Party: Why don’t you pass the bill the House sent you to fund NIH?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.Govt shutdown great sign


Obama Admin: Ousts elderly couple from their Lake Mead home because it’s on federal land and they’re shutting it down.

Tea Party: This is outrageous. They have a contract and this is an abuse of power.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.

Scott St. Clair: Listening to an Adult in the Room Discuss Trayvon and George

Zimmerman BarkleyAbout Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, can we talk? Coming off the not-guilty verdict in the case, everybody claims to want an honest national conversation on race, so might as well throw in my two-cents, which can pretty much be summed up by saying I’m down with what Sir Charles said.

Former NBA star Charles Barkley, in an interview with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, nailed it:

In two and a half minutes, he cuts through the bull, gets to the heart of the matter and outs skullduggery and hidden agendas – refreshing to have an adult in the room.

In saying he agreed with the verdict, Barkley focused on the evidence, which is what trials are about, while acknowledging the tragedy of a young man’s death and the grief his parents feel.

He correctly called out as villains hucksters, both black and white, and the media:

“I don’t like when race gets out in the media because I don’t think the media has a pure heart, as I call it. There are very few people have a pure heart when it comes to race. Racism is wrong in any,  shape, form — a lot of black people are racist too. I think sometimes when people talk about racism, they say only white people are racist. There are a lot of black people who are racist. I don’t like when it gets out there in the media because I don’t think the media has clean hands.”

Plain-speaking truth. And he’s not alone in that – not by a long shot.

The 24/7/365 social-media info-bomb culture prizes sensation over good sense. Everybody points a finger, but few think orzimmerman trayvon hoodie listen.   I doubt whether an “honest conversation” will take place because there are painful and ugly truths that must be acknowledged. And the conversation will have to include holding certain members of the reverend clergy and others accountable.

Face it: racism exists. Abner Louima and Rodney King were racially targeted and attacked (by police, no less) even as O.J. got off scot-free.

As one observer noted, race hustlers gin up anger in the black community over allegations of racism against George Zimmerman not because there’s evidence of it – on the contrary, there absolutely is none (even Bill Cosby said so)— but because there’s evidence of it throughout history.

African-American Charles Ramsey put it another way after he rescued three girls from a decade-long kidnapping in Cleveland:

“Bro, I knew something is wrong when a little pretty white girl run into a black man’s arms – Something is wrong here”:

Why would he say that? And why did everybody laugh knowingly when he did?

Conservatives can be justifiably upset about being targeted by the IRS for their political beliefs, the exercise of their free-speech rights and feeling like they’ll never get an honest break, so maybe they can understand how blacks feel after 200 years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow and their sundry baggage.

Funny Obama Trayvon distractionA lot of folks on the right will hate to admit it, but President Obama was correct in saying the reaction of many black Americans stems from “a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away.”

Just don’t limit the conversation to black Americans. We all have experiences and history, and it’s a tragedy when any young person irrespective of race is killed. They deserve a shout out too.

He was right when he said the case and the verdict shouldn’t be used to “heighten divisions,” advice the president should instruct his own people to follow as well as follow himself.

It was cynical pandering for Attorney General Eric Holder to jump in with a promise to look for civil rights violations when the ink on the Zimmerman verdict wasn’t even dry. Ditto for the president to complain about stand-your-ground laws when (1) they weren’t at issue in the Zimmerman case, and (2) there’s strong evidence to suggest they benefit blacks more than whites.

An “honest conversation” must include hard talk on black-on-black gun crime, fatherless black families and the drug wars.Zimmerman reaction  But raise these issues and you get attacked by the soft bigotry of low expectations of white liberals who refuse to admit they exist and who have their own stereotypical biases toward black men.

It would have been a great for the president to mention that young men of all races are valuable, not just the Trayvon Martin’s of the world. And he could have acknowledged that sometimes it’s a black man who’s found “not guilty” in the shooting of a white teenager.

Yet it is legitimate to ask why Zimmerman carried a firearm while on a neighborhood watch patrol. But he was on patrol because there was a crime problem ineffectively addressed by the police, and the perps wore hoodies. Were you in his shoes at night potentially facing a criminal, wouldn’t you at least consider being armed? If you answer no, you’re not being honest.

Zimmerman cartoon hoodieI’m freaked out when I see a hoodie – on ANYONE. Who wears something designed to conceal unless they have something to conceal?

Then we have the self-aggrandizing reverends who flock to these cases like flies to carrion while encouraging you to have your VISA or Discover card ready.  Serial race-baiter Al Sharpton has a decades-long history of faking racially-based grievances – he has yet to pay damages and make the apology he was ordered to by a court in the infamous Tawana Brawley case. Almost since the day Martin was shot, he’s been braying at every opportunity and post-verdict he’s stoking racial-animosity fires across the country with a series of demonstrations demanding federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman that were, from early reports, sparsely attended.

At the same time, Jesse Jackson insulted every woman in America, white and black, when he complained that Zimmerman’s jury wasn’t made up of black MEN (maybe like his felon son?). That didn’t sound like he was interested in evidence or justice – only that the person who was shot was black, and the person who shot him wasn’t, ergo the non-black person would go to jail if, and apparently ONLY if, the jury was comprised of black men.

Adding insult to injury were Jackson’s calling Florida an “apartheid state” and demanding that the U.N. Human Rights zimmerman_wanted_posterCouncil, with such stalwart devotees of civil liberties as Venezuela and Pakistan, investigate the Martin killing.

There’s more: A local black politician blames Chicago police for the swath of murders of young black men. Some are giving a pass to blacks using language whites regard as racist while parsing their use of the “N” word. Rioters went on a Hollywood wilding as Martin’s death and the verdict as an excuse to loot .

It’s as if the whole thing was a clichéd made-for-TV movie, which is how much to most of the national media scripted it from the get go.  Never mind the facts, let’s make this about a pure and innocent boy set upon by a white racist with hatred in his heart then ignore whatever inconveniently contradicts that narrative.

While we’re at it if we’re NBC let’s doctor some audio to make the bad white guy, who isn’t white at all but Hispanic, look despicable and racist.

From the beginning, the story of Martin’s death and Zimmerman’s trial had the potential to exacerbate tensions and inflame passions. “That made it all the more incumbent on the media to be scrupulously truthful and responsible in their coverage. At this, they have spectacularly failed, with deplorable consequences,“ said one commentator at RealClearPolitics.com

It’s the same thinking that put alleged Boston Marathon terrorist and murderer Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on a Rolling Stone cover. Screw the truth and the impression we make – let’s just look cool to each other at cocktail parties.

The media is keeping it up by over-hyping the Sharpton demonstrations as something akin the 1963 march on Washington, D.C. that featured Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I have a dream” speech and saw 250,000 in attendance.

It’s doubtful, seriously doubtful, that the total number of people who attended Sharpton’s “National Day of Action” demonstrations in the 100 cities he claimed would have them approached five percent of the total of 1963’s single march.

Honest national conversation? Not with Al or Jesse hawking their personal agendas, an administration playing politics instead of being even handed and a refusal see how the other guy sees things.  In sum, until there’s more listen and think.

Scott St. Clair is a journalist, rhetorical pugilist, agent provocateur, aider and abbetor of Liberty Lovers and a former competitive Highland piper. He says what he thinks, means what he says and doesn’t suffer fools. He’s also a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. His opinions are entirely his own, and you shouldn’t expect them to mirror yours.