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Oregon Progressives Call for Bird Brained Outdoor Taxes That Will Absolutely Ruffle Some Feathers

For self described ‘progressives’, known here for their real impact on society as ‘Oppressives’, they just never have enough of your money.

They always believe they can spend your money better than you–for the good of the ‘collective’, you understand.

If they’re tough, punitive taxes, so much the better, to their way of thinking.

bird seed

Enter the new taxes these Oppressives are calling for: Bird seed, hiking boots and binoculars.

Mike Strickland of Progressives Today captured the moment when this self satisfied looking chick from Oregon Wild proposed new taxes on all of the above without any note of irony.

Bicycling groups also called for a change in the constitution (!) in order to redefine bike paths as roads so they could get a share of the gas taxes.

In effect they do now through a manipulation of all the pots of money sought and used for Oregon transportation.

Instead of the back room deals using gas tax and other tax money for bike paths routed through DC, these guys want a clear path to get their hands on the money.

The one refreshing aspect of this is the recognition–which should be touted from the roof tops–that these people don’t pay for anything they require the rest of the motorists, hunters, etc. to pay for. Remember that. However, in order to salve their vestige of a shadow of a frisson of guilt for being free riders, they want everyone else to pay, too. So much for virtue.

Also, because they know they’ve been drafting on the taxpayers all these years, they want to pay a little to get a seat at the table so they get a lot more.

Read the rest of their bird brained ideas and some reaction from a sane former legislator here.