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You’ll Be Seeing A lot of This Poster in Washington Today; Meet Its Creator.

A year ago I saw photo of a sign carried at the March for Life and put it out on Twitter, writing, “Somehow I don’t think the left never expected pro lifers to borrow this.”

It went viral.

Now, the woman who says she designed that beautiful sign has gotten in touch with me. Though I’ve tried to track her down to get more comments, sadly, her email didn’t work. So here is her message:

Hey Victoria! My name is Kelly Davenport and I created the “coexist” pro life sign you had posted in Jan of last year. That picture was actually taken by someone (no idea who) in DC in 2013. I created the sign for myself for our 40 Days campaign in Hanover Pa in 2012. Later that year we moved, my dad got sick, we moved again…. Life! We always wanted to promote the image – and it seems many have gotten there ahead of me 🙂 – but we’re finally up and running at www.signsoflife.biz and on Facebook at Signs of Life. Thanks for posting the image! We’ll be back in DC this Thursday. Come say hi if you happen to see me! Kelly

I love it. 

Pro life marchers score big with leftist meme

If my twitter and facebook feeds are any indication, this ironic sign was a big hit at the March for Life in frozen Washington, DC yesterday. coexist pro life






This sign of course invokes the ubiquitous bumper sticker seen on Volvos, Subarus or Priuses (Prii?) in Bluetowns across the country. The bumper sticker features symbols from many world religions basically saying ‘can’t we all get along?’coexist bumper sticker At its essence, it also intends to convey the idea religion is the cause of strife and division among mankind. But what of the left? Fifty five million babies have been aborted since the 1973 decision. The sign above is an-in-your-face reminder that the same leftists preaching ‘coexist’ should practice what they preach.