Should Hillary Run? Take This Survey

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4 thoughts on “Should Hillary Run? Take This Survey

  1. YES Billary A Hillary should RUN,
    right on down to CUBA. And then keep Running to other Socialist Communist Nations, and never Come back.

    Ps Billary should take her Hubby with her
    and maybe RUSS FEINGOLD tooooo.

  2. Sure she should run. Then after she gets her butt kicked by Condi Rice, she might slither off into obscurity along with BJ Bill. Maybe even go to some third world country and help screw it up even more than it probably already is.

  3. No hillary she should not be given the chance to run,We should just have Condi rice run for president,
    and in the future senator Jason Atkinson he is young enough…the reason we say no billary is because one governor has to go and clean up the state or after what the clintons had already done as president.
    Gods blessings.

  4. I am not sure on this,..I know she wouldn’t get the votes I believe America is “redder” than that…but I just don’t trust the type ….hey I think most of Washington State voted for Dino…and somehow Hillary’s twin is still my Governor..
    and I just don’t think I can take anymore rhetoric such as the “we have a right to disagree” sound bite from the Taft show…I don’t think they make Asprin that strong! or big and if the left pulled it off and it was the Bill and Hill show for another 8 years…well I guess I would be rioting in Mexico somewhere waiving the American flag and holding a picket sign that says …EURO Americans have rights too!….oh but then I would find out what real racism is really all about..

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