Salem’s Lot: The Top Ten Dumbest Bills This Session

#10 Raising the cost of buying a house with a tax on documents for buying a house so that buying a house would be easier for people who can’t buy a house. Got it?
#9 Doggy Dining…a bill that would allow all Oregon restaurants to let dogs dine with their humans. What could possibly go wrong?
#8 Allowing people who live in a van by the river…to register to vote..and use as their address….”Van by the River.”
#7 The “don’t gossip about your friends” bill…except they gave it a high tech name…cyberbullying!
#6 A bill to force employers to keep employees even though they’re high on medical marijuana!
#5 The raise your hand to cross the street bill! Further encouraging and emboldening jay walkers
#4 A bill that would have legalized bikes without brakes
#3 The center for missing and exploited shopping carts…complete with hotline
#2 Smoking ban in bars, taverns, bingo halls, bowling alleys …as a health measure…because as we all know…you go to bars for your health.

#1 hooker school/prostiteachers!

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5 thoughts on “Salem’s Lot: The Top Ten Dumbest Bills This Session

  1. Just what this state needs a top ten list of how to waste money and really do nothing. And these clowns liked it so much that their are going to meet and do it again yearly.

  2. What Doggy Dining? – I have 2 cats,
    I’m filing a discrimination law suit. My cats should have the same Rights as Dogs. Shame on you Democrats. My cats have “feelings” to.

    Ps the Pardon of Scooter Libby
    all right President Bush. I love to see CNN and MSDNC ALL _ _ _ _ _ _ off
    Now President Bush build the _ _ _ _ FENCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  3. Maybe the Governor should just do a blanket pardon of all X-prostitutes, then it is a non-issue, they are no longer X-prostitutes (or are they?)

    Should someone who has ever solicited a prostitute be allowed to teach our kids?

    Protective masks is the answer to the whole “protect the employees” argument; often used when trying to make laws to eliminate smoking.
    Do these politicians realize just how much money they get from cigarette taxes? Why would they discourage smoking?
    They should be encouraging smoking and discouraging any sort of free (or tax subsidized) medical care.

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