Rees Lloyd: Obama Uses "Brute Force" Against Priests Protesting ObamaCare

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 A lawsuit has now been filed against the Obama Administration for the Health and Human Services mandates requiring religious organizations to use insurance that covers drugs that kill babies and prevent conception in defiance of their religious beliefs. reports on the lawsuit filed by “Priests For Life” against the attempt of President Barack Hussein Obama to impose governmental controls over the free exercise of religion by requiring the Catholic Church, in violation of its religious doctrines,  to provide life-preventing contraceptive aids and life-ending abortion aids, without fee or co-pay,  to employees of the church’s hospitals and charities, through insurance policy provisions mandated by Obama, personally.  reports also on the arrest of of six people associated with Priests For Life,  including priests, for peacefully praying outside the gates of the Obama White House after the filing of the lawsuit. 

As to the arrests for peaceful praying, one of the Priests for Life, Father Wilde, is quoted by as saying: “Occupy Wall Street protesters have been occupying federal property for months, but when we kneel in prayer, the police are called in and we are arrested.” 


As to the Priests For Life lawsuit against Obama, lead attorney Charles LiMandri  is quoted by as saying: “This is the first time in history any administration has used brute force to compel someone to violate his conscience or moral convictions.”
The Priests For Life lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. San Diego Attorney LiMandri is representing Priests For Life in conjunction with the American Freedom Law Center, and its co-founders and senior attorneys Robert J. Muise and David Yerushalmi. 
Attorney LiMandri is well-known generally, and in particular by veterans,  not only as a prominent California trial attorney, but as the attorney who has done more than any other single person to save the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial “as it is, where it is,” from Establishment of Religion Clause litigation attacks of the ACLU and ACLU-supported attorneys on the cross which has honored veterans at the memorial since 1954.
The ACLU, which has supported litigation to destroy the  Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial cross since ACLU first brought suit 22-years ago for a single atheist, who claimed he was “offended” by the sight of the cross.  ACLU has been suing also to destroy the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial cross for over ten years, for a former U.S. Forest Service bureaucrat who claims he is “offended” by the sight of the cross there in the desert, eleven miles off of the highway.
However, as of this date, there is no evidence that the ACLU  not uttered a peep of protest against Obama’s attempt to control  the free exercise of religion by the Catholic Church, nor over the arrests of priests for praying.
Therefore, I must ask,  as a longtime civil rights attorney,  as a one-time ACLU of Southern California Foundation Staff  Attorney, and as a veteran: Just where in hell is the ACLU when its fellow liberal “progressive” Barack Obama attempts to control the free exercise of religion in violation of the First Amendment, and/or when priests are arrested for peacefully praying outside of  the White House in the exercise of First Amendment Rights?
Indeed, the hypocrisy of the ACLU  is and will continue to be unmasked by its failure to publicly condemn the Obama administration,  and by its failure to immediately provide  funding for the defense of these praying priests, and for the Priests For Life lawsuit in defense of the Catholic Church’s free exercise of religion rights. Both actions are in defense of the First Amendment, which is so blatantly, arrogantly, and dictatorially violated by the direct orders of President Barack Hussein Obama. 
Indeed, Obama dictated the policy and what he calls a “comprise” which he, himself,  and not through aides, announced in a press appearance. Oddly enough, although called a “compromise,” it is a unilateral “compromise” with himself, since Obama  negotiated with no one for a “compromise.” He merely issued it by diktat, autocratically, as if a monarch and not a public servant of the people.  That is, in Obama’s unilateral “compromise” (apparently reached after hard bargaining with himself), Obama has ordered and directed that  the Catholic Church must provide for free, no co-pay contraceptive and abortion-related coverage in its employee health insurance policies, but, by Order of Obama, not the Church itself but its insurance companies must pay for it . The insurance companies will, of course, will simply pass the costs on by tacking them onto the premiums.  
 No matter how Obama attempts to dress up his autocratic First Amendment violation with soothing rhetoric, it is clear that the  reality is that the Emperor in the White House has no clothes by his naked attempt t control religious freedom. He  has manifestly overstepped his authority and violated the First Amendment’s prohibition against the federal government interference with or control of the free exercise of religion. 

Thus, ACLU, hear this call for action against  Executive Branch tyranny by your fellow liberal progressive Barack Hussein Obama: Crawl out from under the rock your hypocrisy,  bring your bags of gold, and fund not only Establishment of Religion attacks on our veterans memorials, the Boy Scouts, Public Seals and other public expressions of religion by speech or symbol,  but defend the Free Exercise of Religion Clause of the First Amendment in  the suit brought by Priests For Life against the culPrit Obama who violates the First Amendment by interfering with and seeking to control the free exercise of religion of the Catholic Church. 
Further, ACLU, fund not just the defense of jihadist terrorists striving to destroy America by bombing it, killing its citizens, and destroying the First Amendment, but fund now the defense of priests and people of faith who are striving to save America and the First Amendment by peacefully praying for America, its citizens, and the First Amendment,  including outside of your progressive comrade Obama’s White House.
If not, then shame on all of you of ACLU, and him whom you defend by your silence or inaction in the face of such manifest First Amendment violations. 
Rees Lloyd is a civil rights attorney and Veterans activist. He practices law in California and resides there and in Oregon.

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