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The Washington Post quotes Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, the brains behind the Democrats’ new Senate majority, as saying of Senator [Jim] Webb, “He’s not a typical politician. He really has deep convictions.” Which perhaps reveals less about Webb than about the other 50 Senate Democrats.
Thanks to James Taranto’s Best of the Web for this scrumptious tidbit.

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23 thoughts on “Read, Discuss

  1. Just what are we supposed to discuss here?

    – That you attack the WSJ as a bastion of liberal bias almost once a week, until there’s something written that you can cherry pick that might bash a democrat or liberal?

    – That a newly elected senator has the cahones to respond to the President in the same “delightful sarcastic” manner the President treated him to first?

    – That the new Democratic leadership might disagree with each other, but can still work together?

    – That we should spend our time dragging down a (now) Senator who has a son serving in Iraq simply because he is a Democrat or didn’t kiss Bush’s ass when asked to, instead of talking about the stupidity of a “last push” legislation attempt by the outgoing GOP congress to pass a bill on just when a “fetus feels pain?”

    Am I getting close to what we’re supposed to be discussing?

  2. So much for the Democrats pledge of a new air of civility, huh boys?

    Incidentally, there is no confirmation that Bush said “I didn’t ask you that,” just another anonymous source. Even Webb hasn’t said he said that, just that he felt like slugging the President who had the audacity to show a little compassion by asking about his son.

    Class act for your party, along with the rest of the knuckledraggers.

    I wonder, has anyone asked Webbs son how he feels about Iraq? Oh yes, that doesn’t matter, it doesn’t make a Bush bashing headline.

  3. I’m sorry I have to explain this to you. One of the Senate Democrats’ “brightest lights” says that it’s a departure for politicians [he knows]to have deep convictions. I’m thinking he probably means his own party.

  4. Tell you what, Lew. Once people who disagree with Bush and his administration’s policies are no longer called traitors, are no longer called un-American, are no longer called communists, are no longer prodded for not falling oh-so-neatly into line, then maybe – MAYBE – you’ll get the civility you can’t seem to find.

    You get what you give.

  5. iknow, that’s a stretch, even for you. No one has a problem with disagreeing. It’s the outright lies and undermining of a President while we are at war that merits those labels.

    And yes, one does get what they receive. The left has been giving it for 6 years and it’s about time they started receiving some back.

  6. Lew,
    Are you going to cry foul civility every time someone posts something you don’t like? Besides, I’d think you to be an admirer of such “ambitious incivility,” (sic) as you take your own cheap shots in nearly every post you make.

    “…along with the rest of the knuckledraggers.”
    “…it’s about time they started receiving some back.”
    “Oh, and while you are toking your joints feeling like you actually did something…”
    “If that one is too difficult for the ‘progressive befuddled mind,’…”
    “…if you are too chicken-hearted to go yourself…”
    “…being more sensitive and referring to them as Jackasses.”

    Classics lew, really.

    Thanks for being a dear and clearing that up. I didn’t realize that Chuck Schumer actually meant, word for word, that the majority of the Democratic party is made up of people with no convictions. I’d tell you that seven days without food makes one weak, but fear you’d just spend your next post trying to correct my spelling…(eyes rolling).

  7. What’s the matter, bs, can’t take the shoe on the other foot?

    I didn’t campaign on a pledge of “civility,” your Democrat leaders did and so far, I’ve seen little of it.

    You know the old saying, “When in Rome.”

  8. “I didn’t campaign on a pledge of ‘civility,’…”

    Yeah, I didn’t either. And I’m pretty sure most of the other posters here also did not. Heck I bet they didn’t even run for office. I sure didn’t.

    So, maybe you should reserve your whining about civility for when one of those Democratic leaders makes a posting here. Or better yet, maybe you could practice some of this civility you think everyone else but you must exhibit. Lead by example lew.

  9. I’m not here to lead anyone. I’m here expressing my freedom of speech, as long as Victoria permits it.

    Democrats made sucha big deal out of how rude Republicans always are and other such nonsense. Now that they have regrabbed power, it appears they don’t like having their own words and actions thrown back at them showing what we always knew all along, they are hypocrits.

    You say I should “lead by example” in civility, yet where has civility been offered to those of us on the right?

    I am not your leader and this isn’t my blog.

  10. Cripes lew, I didn’t say I wanted you to be “my leader.” If there was anything that flew further over your head than my last post, it surely would be in orbit.

    I don’t know about the cast of the broad net “Republicans,” but I can say without question you are often quite rude, and surprisingly partisan. At least I’m not crying about how “all” Republicans/Conservatives are asses every time you get snarky.

    That said, why the heck are we up at this un-godly hour? Oh if it were only possible to skip Friday…

  11. Oh if it were only possible to skip Friday…

    I couldn’t skip it, but since I was off today, a rarity in itself, I possibly enjoyed the day more than you did. If I had to have worked today, I doubt it would have been half as enjoyable.

    Am I any less partisan that those of you who oppose and denigrate every single thing George Bush does? I, like Victoria, have stated we supported some actions of Clinton’s, even if the majority of Republicans opposed him at the time. I have yet to see any support for much of anything Bush has done coming from the left.

    So, who is surpsingly partisan?

  12. Yeah, count yourself lucky with a day off. I took some liberty with my morning, strolling into work at a leisurely pace. Needless to say, I doubled up on the coffee, so it was all good.

    I would hardly agree that I (that’s me, myself, and I, alone) find myself to be one to “oppose and denigrate every single thing George Bush does.” How about we try something new. I’ll say something I agree with Mr. Bush on, and you give us something you disagree with him on.

    Education funding. Although that pesky NCLB is underfunded, I still applaud the efforts and success of the President making education funding a priority and (I believe) the largest public education federal funding increase in quite some time.

    You’re up (if you’re up to it). 😉

  13. It’s been no secret that I have been sorely disappointed with the lack of securing the borders by Bush since 9/11.

    I have stated many times that he a poor public speaker, although I appreciate his “shoot from the hip” style.

    He has also done miserably communicating the succeesses that have happened in Iraq, instead of leaving it up to others of lesser stature to do so.

    There have been many laws that should have been vetoed by him and he didn’t. I can only hope he’s bought a new refill for his veto pen now.

    Need more?

    What many don’t seem to grasp is that my main support for Bush is that he started off handing the War on Terror by strength, something I admire. Thinking back to how I think he two opponents would have handled matters makes me cringe.

    It’s too soon for me to say who I support for 2008, but I wouldn’t mind seeing General Tommy Franks throw his hat in the ring.

  14. This should really be titled “You May Be A Senator From Virginia, But You Suh, Are No Gentleman”, but I wanted to stay with the Time Warp theme.

    Senator-Elect James Webb. Asshole extrodinaire. You probably heard that Webb went to the White House for the reception for newly elected members of Congress. Made a big deal of refusing to have his picture taken with the President, was a jerk when the President asked about his son, who is a Marine serving in Iraq.

    So look, love Bush, hate Bush, whatever. Show some respect for the office of the Presidency if not for the man himself. If you don’t agree with that, try this. Webb accepted an invitation to come into the mans home, eat his food, drink his drink, and then walked over and pissed in the punchbowl. In front of the national media. You know, if you don’t like the guy, don’t accept an invitation into his home. If you want to be a shameless media whore, which Webb is and always has been, fine, you are hardly alone in DC. Have a press conference and announce you are refusing the President’s hospitality.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Webb has a son in the Corps in Iraq. I don’t doubt for a moment that he loves his son, but wearing his boots around was a shameless stunt. He didn’t need to do it to remind himself or anyone else that his son was in harm’s way. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Webb is a Graduate of the Green Machine, The Crotch, The Hard Corps, Who’s Corps? Your Corps! My Corps! Hardcore! Marine Corps! So am I. And if I ever behaved the way Webb did, my Gunny would have stuck his boot so far up my… well you get the idea. I was in when Webb was SecNav and I don’t remember him ever doing jack that got my attention. I do know that we would have thought that some politician trying to get elected on the back of his kid, trotting around in his boots would be an A-Hole of the highest order.

    A Marine is trained to kill people and break things. A Marine is also trained to have respect. Respect for one another, respect for The Corps, respect for lawful civilian authority, and respect for the chain of command, which includes the President, who is C in C.

    Webb is an ass.

    “Semper Fi! Do or die! Hold ’em high at 8th & Eye!”

  15. Yow, slow down lew, some out there would say you were “Bush bashing.” 😉

    I actually grasp, and felt the same way about the way Bush started off in response to the attacks on 9/11. However, I lost my admiration when things moved to Iraq. Don’t get me wrong, I would have totally supported an Iraq intervention, without all the trumped up fear over terrorist threats. I would have preferred it. I’ll end it there, because all those cans of worms will just open up, destroying any positive direction I’m trying to take this discussion.

    All in all, I can’t wait for 2008 to roll around, simply because “Bush” will finally be out of the political discussion. And I’m looking forward to a return to sensible, conservative, “Goldwater” type Republicans running for the oval office. You can bet that as long the Democrats continue to hold congress (as I think they will), and as a Republican with traditional Republican values and convictions is on the ticket, he’ll get my vote in 08.

  16. Nah pal, it’s just honest discussion, minus the slash and burn.

    I believe in the balance of power, as it was intended to be. The Democrats 6 years ago were the Republicans of today (to greater and lesser degrees). This is not at all costs for me, mind you. You could bet if the front Republican candidate in 08 is of the same cloth as today’s big government Republicans, they won’t get my vote. But I have a feeling by 08, the remainder of those will have dug their own graves, or will be sitting in a jail cell somewhere.

    Would you care to contribute to the “What Bush did good” list? Another for me; Gave up jogging for mountain biking. Although I don’t mind jogging – I’m a bike fanatic. 😉

  17. Bush is funny when he talks.

    Some of my favorites are:
    “It isn’t the pollution that’s harming the environment it’s the impurities in our water and air that are doing it”

    “The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country”

    His tax cuts might be a good thing and not just for the rich.

  18. bs, my disagreeing with Bush doesn’t qualify as Bush bashing. I don’t demand his impeachment when I disagree with him. I also don’t need to call him ignorant or other such nefarious names because I disagree with him on matters.

    In the end, he is the President and calls all the shots and shoulders the responsibilities, not me. When comparing him to who might have been, disagreeing or not, I still feel he was the better choice.

  19. No need to back-pedal lew, the cat’s out of the bag. 😉

    (Note the important wink and a smile that follows my completely useless line above)

    I don’t think we’re going to get anyone else to play-along on this thread. It didn’t take long for a Clinton bash to appear following a Bush snark…

    Do they still have Celebrity Death Match (on MTV)? I think they’d be up for an award with a G.W. vs. Clinton match.

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