Pro Illegals Vow: Cities Will "Grind to a Halt" May 1st

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This is why you should BUY BUY BUY May 1st. From Reuters:
“There will be 2 to 3 million people hitting the streets in Los Angeles alone. We’re going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno,” said Jorge Rodriguez, a union official who helped organize earlier rallies credited with rattling Congress as it debates the issue. “We want full amnesty, full legalization for anybody who is here (illegally),” Rodriguez said. “That is the message that is going to be played out across the country on May 1.” They vow that America’s major cities will grind to a halt and its economy will stagger as Latinos walk off their jobs and skip school. Teachers’ unions in major cities have said children should not be punished for walking out of class.
In New York, leaders of the May 1 Coalition said a growing number of businesses had pledged to close and allow their workers to attend a rally in Manhattan’s Union Square.
Large U.S. meat processors, including Cargill Inc., Tyson Foods Inc and Seaboard Corp said they will close plants due to the planned rallies. “This is going to be really big. We’re going to have millions of people,” said Juan Jose Gutierrez, director of the Latino Movement USA.

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13 thoughts on “Pro Illegals Vow: Cities Will "Grind to a Halt" May 1st

  1. Wow isn’t this exciting. Soon we will find out how unimportant Americans are. Since we are too lazy to do any work that really counts.

  2. Druge is reporting that the California Senate has blessed the boycott.

    The California legislature is controlled by the Democrats. What are those loony tunes thinking?

  3. Hey, Kodiak, that is, MISTER kodiak, I just don’t know how my family gets by, since I am too lazy to work…LOL. Apparently, 80% of the American public is too lazy to work, also, Soooo….., how did this country come to be the world’s only superpower, and economic powerhouse? Oh, yeah, it must be the illegal aliens!! Since all they can do is block streets, I guess all they represent is a row of speed bumps.

  4. Why don’t these Mexicans get together and demonstrate in THEIR OWN COUNTRY of Mexico? Maybe they can rally together to change the dreadful conditions that have forced them up here in the first place.

  5. While they have grasped the freedom to abuse our rights and laws, I too feel I have a right or two.

    Any business I frequent that closes on May 1 in sympathy or any other reason affiliated with the boycott will lose my business completely.

    I’d rather wait for service due to a shortage of workers, soon to be replaced, hopefully, than to give those here against our laws any power whatsoever.

    Follow our laws and become legal citizens and they wil be received by me with open arms.

  6. how much more evidenced do you need of the invasion.

    they are here,and they are not going away anytime soon unless we take the profit out of it.

  7. bear,
    Same here. Have you stocked up the the great boycott of 2006 on monday? Oops forgive mw what was I thinking we’re supposesd to be too lasy to stock up, so I guess we’ll all starve for a day.

    Say Mister bear while they were blocking the street and becoming on e with the speed bumps what did WE ALL miss? Nothing, cities were not shut down outside of difficulty of getting arround the overall effect was minimal.

  8. Kodiak, They’re California Dumocrats. Surely you don’t expect rational thinking from them. Do you??

    Now is the time to boycott all Tyson products and all Cargill products. You all know that Tyson brings mainly chicken products into the area. Who knows how long ago those chickens were slaughtered and frozen? Could be as much as 6 to 9 months ago, whereas the Foster Farm prducts are fresh within a couple of days when they arrive in the stores. But, if Foster Farms decides to support this foolishness, then I will boycott them, too. For a looooong time.

  9. scottiebill,
    Tyson productgs are easy to avoid. Unless you have an extremely limited diet, do not eat out or require medications avoiding Cargill products will be extremely difficult.

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